Monday, 28 November 2011

Nicky Morgan

I’ve never been nervous about doing a blog post before, but i’m nervous about writing this one.

On Thursday 27th October, my friend Nicky Morgan went for a night out with his work pals to celebrate a birthday.  Nick works as a bouncer in Nu Bar in Essex (as well as playing for Billericay Town FC as a Goalkeeper), and was out to celebrate one of the other bouncers birthdays.  Towards the end of the night a fight broke out and Nicky stepped in to help.  This resulted in Nicky suffering a neck injury, and now he’s paralysed and has been in Queens hospital in Romford for the last month.

Obviously when everyone who knew Nick heard this they were all devastated.  I don’t want to bang on about how much of a great guy Nick is as the sheer amount of people that are willing to help him recover  in any way is proof enough, but he just genuinely IS a lovely bloke.  It’s a shame when this happens to anyone, but Nick was so active, so full of life that it’s hard to imagine him being restricted like this and hardly anyone being able to help him.  The recovery will be long and Nick will have to work hard, but he’s determined and persistent so we all know one day he’ll get there and he’ll be back to his normal self.  Unfortunately for him to be able to do so he is going to need some help, and this is where you lot all come in...

As I stated before, Nick is currently in Queen’s Hospital in Romford.  A few days after the incident Nick had a major operation, whereby he had 2 plates and 8 pins inserted around his spine to relieve the pressure.  He now has slight movement in his arms and he can feel his toes being touched and last week achieved slight movement in the backs of his legs.  Obviously all of these factors are huge positives for Nick and it’s succeeded in giving everyone hope that he will get better.    Queen’s hospital have provided him with a wheelchair but he is currently waiting for a specially adapted one due to his size.  Regardless of all this, what Nick really needs is to be moved to a specialist spinal unit called Stoke Mandeville so he can start his rehab.  Unfortunately Nick’s surgeon presented his case at a seminar on Thursday, but the relevant representatives didn’t attend – Nick’s family hoped that they would be there and ‘cherry pick’ him for admission to their rehab program.  He’s an ideal candidate as he’s young, fit and willing to work hard but as things didn’t go to plan the people that needed to listen to Nick’s case weren’t there to hear it.  Nick’s surgeon has suggested everyone kicks up as much fuss as possible to get his case heard – local MP’s, contacting the media, everything.

I know a lot of you reading this blog post won’t know who Nick is, but it doesn’t matter.  It’s not clear whether Nick fell accidentally or was pushed.  Nick was involved in this fight because he was trying to help.  He wouldn’t have been throwing punches, he wouldn’t have been continuing the argument when it was nothing to do with him.  Nick’s JOB is to stop people from fighting, and at a height of 6ft 7 he probably didn’t have much of a problem with this before.  Unfortunately the CCTV has still not been analysed by the police as of yet so we do not know the exact circumstances surrounding this fight.  All we know is that we want him to get better, and we are all willing to do whatever we can to help Nick and get him admitted to Stoke Mandeville. 

I know I bang on all the time about RTing tweets and helping me with random rubbish on Twitter.  All of the things I had asked for your help with before are irrelevant when it comes to this.  I almost wish I hadn’t asked anything of you all before, just so this request would have more impact.  I genuinely mean it when I say this next bit:  If you only ever read 1 of my blog posts, if you only ever RT 1 of my tweets or you only ever listen to 1 thing I say then please, PLEASE let it be this.  Everyone that knows Nick is willing to do anything they can to help and this means spreading the word of Nick’s case as far as we can.  I’ve put some links below to newspaper articles, donation pages, his personal blog that keeps everyone updated on his progress, but I’m not necessarily asking for your money.  I just want you to take 3 seconds out of your daily routine to push this around Twitter and spread the word about what happened to Nick.  If enough people read about Nick’s situation, soon enough someone who will be able to help will get to hear about it too.

If you want to buy tickets for the Charity night, the link is below.  The tickets are £6 each or 2 for £10, and Nick's family have said that if you wanted to attend but can't, still buying a ticket means you will be supporting Nick on the night.  

We are also collecting items to auction off to raise money at the charity night.  If you know anyone or have any celebrity contacts who could provide us with something signed or something of value to auction off that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading and if you help in anyway, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Appeal for Witnesses

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  1. Ah, poor guy, hope the campaigning goes well x