Wednesday, 9 November 2011

BNTML Products

So as stated before, I have moved the products I am featuring from Britain and Irelands Next Top Model Live into a new post, otherwise it would have been too long and massively picture heavy!


Now I don't know about you, but part of the reason I love anything to do with beauty products is because I am a sucker for little pots of brightly coloured powder, bright eyeshadows, palletes filled with different colours - perhaps this is the reason I buy so many nail varnishes!  Anyway, for me to get my multi coloured make up fix I only had to head to 1 stall at BNTML and that was NYX - based right by the entrance they made sure you saw them, and look at the range!  The palletes were amazing and I could have stood there for hours just looking at all the different products.  I've never tried any NYX make up before, and didn't buy anything on this day - has anyone else tried and can let me know what it's like?

Hair Feathers

Not going to lie, this stuff isn't really up my street for every day wear but this would be amazing for anyone planning on heading to Zoo Project in Ibiza next Summer!  They are basically clip in hair feathers in all different colours, and they do add something extra to your hair.  You can get short ones obviously for people with short hair, and standard size ones for people with long hair.  I like the look but can't really see me busting these out down Loughton High Road!

Intercandle Gifts and ZeniKa Jewellery

I liked this stall as it sold lots of random little products.  It had the odd piece of jewellery on there (check out the massive animal print rings) but it also sold candles and little trinkets.  The cupcakes in the pot were actually lip glosses!  I like girly things like that and it was refreshing that this stall wasn't focused solely on every day make up, but little stocking fillers and gifts suitable for anyone really!

Colour Couture

CC had probably the biggest stand in the whole event.  They had SO many products but it was a bit off putting that they didn't really have many people working behind the counter to help you - not sure where they all were.  I was intending to go back and buy a pallete after the fashion show but didn't get round to it as there was so many other stalls I wanted to buy from instead!  Goes to show that even if you have the biggest, most impressive stand, doesn't make you the best!

The palletes seemed to be very similar to the Front Cover ones.  I have used Front Cover before and really liked it, but considering they seemed the same and FC were cheaper I didn't immediately snap one of these palletes up - They had a good range of colours for all sorts of make up looks (mainly focused on eyeshadows) so it's definitely worth checking these out if you see them in the shops!

Junk Jewels

Without a doubt this was my most favourite stand of the whole day.  Junk Jewels did themselves proud with the stand they had, and the girls behind the counter helping were so friendly!  They specialise in charm necklaces and bracelets but sell ready made items too, just check out the pictures!  They had oodles and oodles of the most beautiful charms that you could pick yourself, in these funky little vintage boxes and crates.

Fair enough the bracelets are a bit flimsy, but for my bracelet and 3 charms it was £8 - you can't really say fairer than that, and it's lovely!  Even though the bracelet is new it has a vintage vibe to it, and I loved the 3 charms I picked!  I got a red heart, an anchor and a peace sign, and they all look beautiful on the bracelet :)

Cutie Pie

This stall was selling jewellery by the bucketload!  My friend Charlie nearly passed out when she saw the sheer amount of jewellery all over the table!  Again I liked the kookiness of this stall and the items they sold.  They had a nice mix of dainty little pieces (check out the collection of deer rings in the front!) and costume jewellery, and as you can see from the labels it was all reasonably priced!

Lotty Dotty

Last but not least we saw this stall on our way out.  It's a really cool idea, basically they have a range of t shirts with a character on the front, and you pick a character you like (or one that looks the most like you!) then you can buy a range of outfits for it and you can stick them on and take them off as you wish.  The girl on the front of your t shirt can get changed as often as you do if you have enough outfits (although hopefully you won't be wearing this t shirt every day!)  Cool idea and it ensures that you won't be wearing the same t shirt as anyone else at least!

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