Monday, 31 October 2011

Just a little something to keep you entertained at lunch time, i've been pointed in the direction of this BRILLIANT Tumblr account called Louis vs Rick.  It has been set up by 'Rick', a man that has taught his cat how to use instant messaging on a computer, and you can read the conversations between Rick and his cat Louis while Rick is at work.


Bertie Love

So the clocks have gone back, it’s dark at 5.30pm and I have a cold.  EVERY time the weather changes I get a stinking cold and a cough, it’s so annoying!  I have been looking around for some new winter boots because as much as I despise winter I do love the fashion.  I love buying big chunky coats, matching scarves and gloves and the best thing of all - the shoes.

Bertie Shoes are the one brand that have caught my eye this year.  Their Autumn/Winter advertising campaign initially made me take notice of them, and they have some amazing boots for sale.  I have had my eye on these for a while but just never got round to buying them.  I spied them in the pub I was in on Friday night though and they are even more beautiful in real life. 

I know it sounds a bit silly, but I love a boot that is really verstile.  Don't get me wrong, I own my fair share of stupidly high shoes that I can't walk in etc, but I have no issue with spending slightly more than I normally would on a pair of shoes that I know will be perfect for me.  They are closed in so I don't have to worry about them slipping off my feet (I have weird sized feet and if I wear shoes that aren't closed in or don't have a strap I literally cannot keep them on my feet!).  They are wedged and personally I find wedges so easy to walk in - as easy as trainers!  I also like them because they are smart enough to wear on a night out with the right sort of outfit, but also could easily be chucked on for a shopping trip with the girls.  I can't think of an instance where I couldn't wear them?  Ok, maybe on my wedding day, but I love these shoes so much i'd probably try!  I am used to ankle boots being really plain and uncomfortable but I like the lace detail on the front and I like that they are a bit 'different' - are you getting how much I love them yet?

Bertie Shoes are slightly more expensive than normal brands I would go for, but they aren’t OTT expensive and this just gives me confidence that they are really well made...  I can see these boots lasting me a few winters, providing my feet don’t grow anymore (I don't think that is humanly possible).

If I manage to get my mitts on a pair i'll take some pictures for the blog and let you know how comfortable they are - I'm sure i'll try my best to wear them all the time!  In the mean time if you want to buy them yourself and make me EXTREMELY jealous, here's the link...

If you're going to buy them, buy me them too!

Friday, 28 October 2011

My Hair Trauma - The Full Story

So I don't know if you all know about my hair trauma, but I get asked about it a lot so I decided to write it all down.  Bit lazy of me really, as I can't be bothered to keep explaining the whole thing, so now I can just point people in the direction of my blog :)  It's a bit long but bear with me, this is as short as I can make it - it's THAT BAD!

Just to set the scene, I have been dying my hair since I was around 15 years old.  I started with highlights when I was about 15 and then dyed it light brown about a year later, but as I kept dying it the colour eventually went to black.  I didn’t just dye the roots, I dyed my whole head every time.  Fast forward 7 years when I had jet black hair with so much colour build up I was surprised my hair even moved.  I had grown bored of my black hair anyway and wanted a change, so I decided to save up and pay for Toni and Guy to strip my hair and then re-dye it red.  I went through months of having awful hair – basically washing with fairy liquid and head and shoulders to get the colour to fade as much as possible, and letting my roots grow to horrific lengths.  The patch test was done, the 2 days holiday off work were scheduled and the appointment booked.  Let the games begin...

I arrived at 9am on the Thursday morning and sat in the chair waiting for the process to start.  My hair was stripped (it took about 2 hours) and once done when I looked in the mirror I nearly had a heart attack!  The majority of my hair had turned white, there were extremely orangey-pink patches, the roots were bright orange and there were a few patches around the back that were brown where the stripping had worked but not totally.  I freaked out a bit but the colourist advised that it was completely normal and she was going to put a toner on it first to even out the patches and then do the dye job over the top.  She then sat me down to discuss the colour.  I wanted the red to be quite vibrant but I also didn’t want to have hair like Ronald McDonald.  She told me she was going to get a relatively toned down red, but mix it with pink to bring out the vibrancy and advised that this was normal and the ultimate colour at the end would be red.  I have NO IDEA about things like this and assumed she knew what she was talking about so said that was fine :/

She went through the whole process, dyed my hair and then got to work with trimming the ends off (the whole procedure had made my hair very dry) – throughout this whole time I wasn’t looking into a mirror as she wanted it to be a surprise.  At the end she span me round, and my hair was orange.  Bright orange.  She said the colour would calm down after a day or too and it would be a more orangy red, but if I wanted the colour to be vibrant I had to deal with it.  I wanted to believe her but I didn’t.  Against my better judgement I kidded myself it was ok, paid £350 and left.

I got home and my sister was there waiting to see the end result.  She stood at the top of the stairs and looked down at me and practically screamed.  I started crying and then my sister went mental – she demanded I call them back and they re-dyed it red as there was no two ways about it, my hair was totally orange.  They told me to come back in straight away and they’d re-dye it.

When I got there I could tell the colourist wasn’t happy, but she had no choice but to fix it because I was even UNHAPPIER.  She put a much darker red over the top saying that the orange underneath would lighten it anyway and it should be the colour I wanted.  She did it and the final result wasn’t exactly what I wanted, still too orange but it was much redder than at first so I just dealt with it and left.  My intention was to give my hair a break for a few days and then maybe dye it darker again a week or so later.  They told me to leave it a few days before I washed my hair, so I left it until Saturday morning, 3 days later.  I washed it and my bath water was postbox red, and this is when the alarm bells first went off.  I got out the bath and as I sat down to dry my hair, I could see very dark patches where the red had washed out.  I cried as I dried, and gave up half way through.  My hair was AWFUL.  The second darker red colour had totally washed out.  I was left with orangy pink hair with patches of black and patches near my roots of sheer white.  It was the worst hair I had ever seen in my life.  At that moment in time, I would have PAID to have hair like Ronald McDonald.

I called my mum into my room and she and my sister just stood there staring at my hair.  I had a nervous breakdown; I screamed, I cried, I vommed - I did not know what to do with myself.  I was in such a state that my mum called up the salon and told them what had happened and they immediately told me to come down and they would fix it. 

My mum drove me down to the salon and came in with me.  The colourist rushed straight over and she didn’t know what to say.  Customers came in and walked back out again after taking one look at me.  The women sitting down with tinfoil in their hair, waiting for their colour to set had a look of sheer panic across their faces.  I continued my breakdown while the colourist offered to fix it but I wanted someone different – after this happened I just didn’t trust her to put it right.  Another colourist called Gav came over and he was lovely – he tried to discuss the options of making it brown or some other colour, but I just wanted my normal hair back.  I demanded they dyed it black.  They begged me to reconsider as I had been through all the trauma of stripping it, but I was adamant - I just wanted to look like me again.  They dyed it blue black (the blue would counteract the red underneath, so it would be actually black and not red/black) and I left the salon upset but majorly relieved.

Over the next few weeks my hair behaved very strangely.  First of all even though they used permanent hair colour, the black was washing out of my hair after a few washes, like they had use temp.  As much as my hair was in awful condition I had no choice but to dye it black with permanent hair colour once a week for about 3 months.  Only then did it start to hold in my hair.  Another thing happened that (and in my opinion was the worst thing believe it or not) was that every time I washed my hair it would not be clean.  I’d use shampoo and conditioner and ensure I washed it out properly, I would sometimes sit in the bath for half an hour just washing, but when I got out the bath my hair was THICK with product.  If you can imagine getting in the bath, wetting your hair, putting shampoo into it and then just getting out the bath without rinsing the shampoo and THEN trying to dry it, that was what my hair was like.  It looked like I had been slimed everytime I washed it.   This lasted for about 2 weeks while I desperately tried to find a cure for it, but no one knew why my hair had reacted in this way.  I was pointed in the direction of clarifying shampoo and conditioner, but I could only find conditioner.  In the end I tracked down Herbal Essences & they did a duo - I used this and it worked.  The first time I washed my hair with HB and it dried up clean, I could have sobbed – it was like all my Christmases had come at once.

I ended up writing to Toni and Guy head office and complaining as throughout this whole process I didn’t get my money back and I am not even exaggerating, I was massively traumatised!  In the end I got my money back and they offered for me to go in and have some treatments to repair the state of my hair, but I didn’t bother.  To be honest I never wanted to go back there again...

So after all this, I still have my jet black hair – when I dye it now I just do the roots, not the whole body of the hair so I don’t have too much build up... just one question remains and it’s something that has been playing on my mind a lot recently – Do I try and get my hair stripped again, just to get rid of the black?  Thoughts please...

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Today I am sitting at work, and i’m being made to feel like a pervert.

Before I go any further, let me get one thing straight.  I AM NOT A PERVERT.  I am however, sitting at my desk, watching 2 people I barely know on a webcam.  I was tweeting them things to try and make them laugh.  I get an enourmous sense of self worth when I make people laugh, and I felt all happy watching them laugh out of their mouth holes and know they were laughing at ME.  This whole experiment is making me go a bit Lindsay Lohan I think.  I mean look at what I just wrote?!

Anyway, enough about ME (unfortunately), I am here to tell you about the amazingness that is Tweetathon3 and why I am currently stalking two Twitter friends on a webcam.  @diaryofaledger is entering heroic superhero status RIGHT NOW, by agreeing to stay awake for 64 hours constantly.  No sleep, no food, no water (the last 2 are a lie).  He CAN eat and drink, but he will not be sleeping at all, just staying up for 3 days tweeting constantly.  This is all in the name of charity, and all in full view of a webcam so we can check he’s not cheating (or dead). 

Gray (@diaryofaledger's real name oooh) started this at 8am this morning, and is going to continue until midnight on Friday (28th).  He is doing this all in aid of the Charity Chapter1, who focus on providing accommodation and support for people in sticky situations.  Stolen from *Stupid Rubbish* (sorry Sizzle), this is what the charity does:

  • Homeless projects – Accommodation and support for homeless, vulnerable people.
  • Family contact centres – Child-friendly environments for separated families needing support with child contacts.
  • Refuges – Safe, secure places for people fleeing domestic abuse.
  • International student hostel – Safe, affordable accommodation for international students, providing a home away from home.
  • Social Enterprise – Training and work opportunities for vulnerable people, which provide invaluable services to their local community. These include our FareShare food distribution project for disadvantaged people and our Second Chance Furniture Re-use project for families on low-incomes.
It’s undeniable that this is a good cause as any of us could be in trouble at some point in our lives – It’s nice to know there is somewhere we can turn, and it’s even nicer to know that there are people out there helping this charity to continue their amazing work. 

So, Gray is turning himself into an actual Zombie.  @KyeLani is going to sit there with him the whole time and laugh.  I am going to tweet them random things such as:

Telling them I can see a ghost behind them at night, and making them scared.
Pestering them to see Gray’s cat Dottie – she’s a legend
Admiring the massive red clock behind Gray’s bonce.
Trying to make them laugh

If you want to do something to help, there are a few ways.  You can tweet either of them on the accounts above for words of support or encouragement.  You can watch them live on the webcam here, OR If you want to go 1 step better and donate to the cause, then follow this link here.

I think they are pretty amazing for doing this.  Why don’t you be pretty amazing too today and help out.

Halloween Nails

So guys, Halloween is this weekend and most of us are too old to spend our time getting dressed up and running around the streets begging strangers for sweets right?  Well, here is a good way to express your inner ghoul:

I stumbled across this post via Models Own, and some of this nail art is amazing!   Perfectly spooky Halloween nails... Some of the nail art looks professional, i'll give some of it a go later.  For those of you that aren't too artistic with the nail art pen there are some simple designs too.  Check them out:

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Just a quick one today, I have been busy at work googling the Christmas Party.  As a laugh the other day I was talking to a member of IT about my search history on Google, and how funny it would be to see it back considering I google random things every day (mainly because of the WEIRD conversations I have with my colleagues).  He actually DID IT.  This is the (best of) the results.

1.  Christmas Parties for pikeys
2.  Dangermouse naked
3.  How long will it take to kick a towel to death?
4.  Jewish bread
5.  Nail varnish for amputees
6.  Why are iPhones so BENT?
7.  What is Cilla Black's hair height?
8.  What is the Queen's shoe size?
9.  Fish with a nose like a sword
10.  Can freckles be green?

That is a genuine list of things that have been googled by me within the last 6 months of me working here.  Granted some of them were a joke, or just to see what Google would come up with, but even so.  To someone that didn't know me, that list makes me look bat sh*t crazy. 

Toodles x

Monday, 24 October 2011


It's that time of year again, where people dress up like their favourite idiot and roam the streets with their kids, asking random strangers for money or presents.


To brighten things up nicely on this miserable Monday afternoon and to get us all in the Halloween mood, please see below pictures of a Dogs Halloween Party.

The event was the 2011 Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade in New York and was held on Saturday.  Even dogs have to have fun on Halloween too right?

There's even one dressed as Natalie Portman?!!??!  Americans are crazy - enjoy!

Painful? A dog looks strained while posing as a pin cushion the 21st Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade
Pin Cushion Dog

Mad dog: Jack the dog as Don Draper from Mad Men - not to be confused with a banker
Don Draper from Mad Men???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jurassic bark: A non-too smiley dog dresses as a stegosaurus
Stegosaurus Dog
This pooch went as Lady Gaga from the 2009 VMAs and won a prize for best-dressed
Lady Gaga at the VMAs
Open for business? This pomeranian went as a sightseeing bus
Sightseeing Dog

Oscar winner? This four-legged friend went as Natalie Portman's Black Swan
Natalie Portman in Black Swan Dog
Tank the English Bullodog as the 'Runaway Bride'
My personal favourite.... the Runaway Bride Dog

Bloggin 'ell!

Today is an exciting day in terms of my blog!

I have been accepted into the Handpicked Media Community fold and I am super excited!  Basically I applied to be a fully fledged member but as my blog is quite young I haven't got the relevant page views for it yet - I need 10,000 unique users before i'll be considered, so feel free to link this blog to anyone you think may be interested :).  In the meantime they have accepted me into their Community and this basically just helps with the exposure of making my blog more widespread.  With a bit of assistance from Handpicked my blog might be on the way up - I even have a little banner on the right hand side now! 

One of my friends has managed to wangle free tickets to the Britain and Irelands Next Top Model Showcase on Sunday at the Excel in London – There will be lots of fashion and lots of beauty, and I cannot wait to experience it all and will nail an awesome blog post about it.  Exciting times ahead, I sometimes feel like I lose inspiration and don’t have much to blog out but I have ideas coming out of my eyes at the moment, and my friends are so supportive and encouraging with it – they have some pretty awesome ideas too!

Anyway, enough of me gushing about how excited I am about my little old blog ;)

I entered a competition with Glossybox today on Facebook called Nail-Off!  You email them a picture of your best ‘glossy’ nails, and they upload it to their Facebook album.  The album goes live next week and at the end of the competition the photo with the most ‘likes’ will win the total Muppet OPI Nail collection!  Check it out here:

I love all of these colours, they are perfect for winter!  My favourites are "Getting Miss Piggy With It" - the sparkly red one third from left at the top, and the one next to it, called Rainbow Connection.  I'm sure you're all aware now of how much I love nail art and lovely nail colours, so it would make my day to win this competition.  I uploaded a picture of my self drawn leopard nails so with a bit of luck they'll get a few likes.  I'll be sure to post the link up to the photo when it's uploaded, so you can all like it too!

Read more details about the Glossybox Facebook OPI Competition here

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Versace for H&M

Oh my god!  I have just seen the new fashion line designed by Versace for H&M and IT IS AMAZING!

It launches on November 17th with around 90 pieces in 300 stores spread across the country.  The prices are amazing, so reasonable and the designs of the garments are totally old school Versace.  The pieces are well cut and what you would expect from a designer collection, the only thing I can see that has taken a battering is the price and that is not a problem with me!   Check out some pictures of my fave pieces:

Versace for H and M
Typically Versace

Versace for H and M
Love this!  It was made for sipping
cocktails in Cafe Mambo
Versace for H and M
<3 the bag and the jewellery!
Versace for H and M
One of my fave dresses,
look at the detail!
Versace for H&M

Versace for H&M

I love the in your face brightness of some of the dresses, this pink dress with stud detailing is AH-MAZ-ING – at £129.99 each they are slightly more expensive than your average dress for a night out, but you can tell just from the picture the amount of detail that has been put in to them and the quality looks outstanding. 

My favourite dress is this one, it’s classy, classic and understand but also totally in your face Versace thanks to the tell tale pattern at the bottom of the dress.  I am officially in love with this, and it looks amaze teamed with the leather jacket (my one is from Primark, what a difference).

Versace for H and M
J'adore <3
They also have a collection of Menswear pieces, but as much as I can appreciate that they are also typically Versace, I am not sure if i’d want my boyfriend to be seen walking down the street in some of them – the pink suit is a bit much!

Versace for H&M   Versace for H&M   Versace for H&M

I thought I was excited about the Lanvin/H&M collection, but this is SOMETHING ELSE hyperventilates*

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Summer Lovin'

It is SO cold in London today, it’s days like this that make summer seem like it was so long ago – I can’t even imagine standing in Hyde Park wearing shorts and a vest, sunbathing and drinking cider but that’s what I did.  I miss summer SO badly, I definitely prefer it to winter... I know this is an age old argument, therefore I have prepared a short number of bullet points to prove I AM RIGHT:

Pros for Summer
  • Can get a tan, and everyone looks better with a tan
  • More likely to go on holiday this time of year
  • Loads of outdoor festivals and gigs
  • When you wake up its light and sunny and makes work not seem that bad
  • When you get home from work it’s still light and makes the evenings seem longer as you want to go out and actually DO stuff
  • Can wear nice clothes without having to worry about carrying around a coat/ jumper etc
  • You don’t freeze to death waiting on a platform for a train in the morning – if anything when it’s hot it’s actually enjoyable
  • Minimal make up required due to tan
  • More social – pub gardens, festivals, gigs, outdoor activities
  • Actually take lunch breaks at work because you want to be outside
  • Camping!  Well, in our case glamping
  • Perfectly acceptable to dress up like a div at a festival and express your inner retard

Pros for Winter

  • Nice winter clothes and boots come out
  • Can wear a onesie without dying of heat exhaustion
  • It’s nearly Christmas and that means PRESENTS
  • The trains are not annoying sweat boxes of HELL
  • Clubs are better in the winter when you are INSIDE

THAT’S IT!  Even the Christmas bit is a null point as it just means you have to spend loads of money on presents and loads of money on going out and celebrating with EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU KNOW.  I can’t complain about that though, any excuse for a drink.

Anyway, that’s my winter whinge over and done with.  Today the eviction of Dale Farm is all over the news, and I genuinely do not know why anyone is even fighting their corner – Fair enough it’s their homes etc, but they are living on land that isn’t theirs?  If they had just stuck to the part of the area that they were allowed to live in then none of this would have happened, but they couldn’t do that.  Typical case of giving people an inch and they take a mile.  Also they are TRAVELLERS, therefore if they are to be evicted, then why don’t they just TRAVEL like they should be doing anyway?  They might moan about their kids going to a permanent school etc, but if they want to be settled in one place then they should get normal jobs, move into a normal house and live like normal people.  I have been bought up to know I can’t just decide to buy a caravan and sit in a field for the rest of my life, expecting to not contribute anything towards the running of this country, so why should they?  I feel no sympathy for them.  They have tied people up so if the bailiffs knock down the main wall to get into Dale Farm they will result in killing 3 people – That to me shows that they know deep down they are in the wrong.  If you were in the right why would you do that?  If you had a fair argument and you knew that the minute you were listened to people would understand your plight and something would be done, then you wouldn’t have to put people’s lives on the line.  My Big Fat Gypsy Eviction has already descended into chaos and think how much this is costing us all, with the police protection etc – even the bloody riot police are there!

Anyway, that’s my rant done.  No other news to discuss, I haven’t bought anything recently as it’s 1 week till payday and as always i’m skint.  I am coveting some Bertie Shoes boots though, so might have to indulge on payday – their website is awesome at the moment, I loved their winter ad campaign anyway and there are lots of boots I want.

Toodles x

Rejam Mess Documented

They are finally ready!  The professional Rejam pictures have just come in and they are looking awesome!  I know you all know how much I enjoyed the night, so here are some of my favourites pics...

The Rejam Boys - NPD, Jack Doyle, Glenn Pursey and Ben Gould

Me, Jo and Charlie
Peter Glasspool doing his thing

Andrew Grant

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Glossybox: October 2011

Today I received my second Glossybox.  To get a bit of variation I have asked one of my friends to also review the box.  Charlie has not received a box, but her work friend has so I asked her to have a look through Penny's box and tell me her thoughts on the products having not paid for them, and her thoughts on whether she would be subscribing to Glossybox having seen the quality and contents first hand.  


So first up, the Dermalogica bits:

Multivitamin Thermafoliant, Renewal Lip Complex,
Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque & toiletry bag
Nikki:  The one thing that concerned me with these products was that all of the bottles were labelled AGE Smart – i’m not exactly a spring chicken but at the age of 25 i’m not sure if I would fall under the ‘age awareness’ category for skin care?  Anyway, I have a feeling the recovery masque and multivitamin thermafoliant (basically super duper exfoliant) will come in handy after a heavy weekend when i'm hanging like a bat.  The Lip Complex will be good as in winter my lips can be quite dry and chapped.  Overall I am impressed with the apporpriate timing of this, and with the products.

Charlie:  I have used Dermologica in the past and have nothing but good things to say about it so I would definitely use these if I had a Glossybox. I have sensitive skin and their products have been fine for me in the past. Loving that it comes with a case as well, these mini sets are about £15 I think so it’s a bargain.

Next up is the Robert Piguet perfumes:

Nikki:  I’ve had a quick smell of them and i’m not sure if they are totally up my street.  The ‘Visa’ scent is incredibly strong.  Calypso is lovely, it’s my favourite one out of the three but I don’t think it’s something I would have purchased off my own back – it’s just not my typical scent – I also quite liked Fracas, but I don’t think i’ll be wearing any of them on a night out.  Nikki's favourite perfume is Jean Paul Gautier Summer Limited Edition.

Charlie:  I didn’t get to smell the perfumes but I had never heard of the brand which immediately doesn’t do anything for me.  I don't think i'd buy it if I was in a shop, or even bother to smell it.  Charlie's favourite perfume is D&G Light Blue.

Next is the Leighton Denny nail varnish:

Leighton Denny Varnish in Sex Kitten
Nikki:  I am slightly disappointed with the colour.  The bottle is full size which is good, but i'm not a fan of pale blue varnish, it seems more appropriate for someone older than I am as I like bright nail colours.  I’ll give this varnish a go as I might change my mind with the colour once it’s on, but even if I don’t it’ll be good to see the texture of it, the coverage it gives and if it chips easily – if the product is that good and the only thing I don’t like is the colour at least i’ll have another option for varnish brands apart from Models Own <3

Charlie:  The colour is not bold enough for me.  I wear pretty much any colour on my hands or feet but this was too metallic for my liking.  I like bold, bright stand out colours, whereas this feels like it's a bit more suitable for a middle aged woman!!

Lastly we have the Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner (the picture of it it drawn on my hand, as the casing didn't show the colour it came out on skin):

Nikki:  This was a huge disappointment to me as it was the one thing I was looking forward to receiving but THE COLOUR – I don’t know about you, but I haven’t worn eyeliner in novelty shades since I was about 12?  I can handle a bit of dark blue with the right outfit, but this is bright green?  Maybe applied in the right way with the right attire this could be nice, but why can’t they just give us black - everyone would have been happy with black?  Anyway when I applied it to my hand I could see it was well pigmented and easy to apply - hopefully will be as easy on my eyelids as it was on my hand!

Charlie:  I like the thickness of the eyeliner, it draws like a pen and seems lke it would be easy to use, but it's khaki?  I mean who wears khaki eyeliner?  If it was black I would definitely use it or even dark blue, but not khaki.  

Overall opinion

Nikki:  All in all I have received no products that I would buy myself in the shops.  I know this is kind of the idea of Glossybox, to receive new things you don’t already use in the hope that you’ll discover something amazing, but as yet I haven’t.  I can’t help feeling like it’s a bit pointless spending £12 a month to discover lots of products that I wouldn’t buy again?  I might have just been unlucky with when I started my subscription as some of the previous boxes seemed better.  People have received things like nail wraps, face masks and lipsticks etc, all things that I would more than happily use, but so far haven't received anything like that.  I feel like I can’t really judge it properly on just 2 boxes, so I might keep my subscription until Christmas and receive 2 more.  

Charlie:  My final opinion is that Glossybox is not for me based on this box.  This is mainly because of the colours of the products (the nail varnish and eyeliner).  I believe the Glossybox is worth the money, as you pay £12 in total a month and the Dermologica set is worth more than this on it's own, but apart from that I wouldn't use any of the other products.

If you have received your Glossybox this week i'd love to know your thoughts :)