Monday, 21 November 2011

Magnetic Nails: Nails Inc vs 17

In the world of nail varnish I am sure you've all heard of Magnetic Nails by now.  Magnetic Nails are the new nail craze hitting the high street.  You basically paint the polish on and using a magnet attached to the lid of the polish, hold it over the nails and create an awesome two toned line effect, giving your nails that 'little bit more'.

Nails Inc

Nails Inc have created a range and the colours available so far are silver, purple, gold and a bluey teal colour.  PERFECT colours for the upcoming Christmas party season i'm sure you'll agree!  Each Nails Inc polish is £13 but they don't ALL come with a magnet on the lid, something you'll need to be careful of when purchasing (especially as you have to buy it seperately if it isn't on the lid of the polish you want).  I wasn't sure if i'd like the effect, and my friend had 3 of the colours so she let me have a go of them to see if I liked them.  I did, the coverage was good and it was easy to apply.  The magnet worked well and I had lovely nail art in a matter of minutes. 

Nails Inc Magnetic - Gold

Nails Inc in 'Houses of Parliment' (Purple)

Nails Inc in 'Trafalgar Square' (silver)

I thought the silver and purple colours were lovely and I couldn't decide which one I liked better.  Weirdly enough the Gold colour isn't listed on the Nails Inc website, so not sure if it's being sold like all the others or if it's a special limited edition one.  They have another greeny blue colour on there called 'Whitehall' which looks nice but I haven't had a chance to try it... 

As you can see from the pictures, the gold is a beautiful colour (again, especially for the Xmas parties) but in terms of the magnetic effect it doesn't really stand out that much.  I would happily use this polish without the magnet and just have it as a lovely gold colour - it's very bright and noticeably gold, whereas sometimes I feel this colour can look toned down and almost sandy brownish if they don't have enough colour in them.  Different to the other magnetic effects too, the lines created in the gold are white, whereas with the purple and silver polishes the lines are darker and almost black.

It's hard to see in the pictures, but when you first paint the polish on it's the bright colour all over, THEN when you use the magnet it creates the much darker patches, giving it the lined effect.  I like these polishes, they give a great effect to your nails QUICKLY - perfect nail art for if you are in a rush.


So after experimenting with Nails Inc I was all set to buy myself the polishes, and then noticed that 17 had created their own magnetic nails.  They were only selling them in limited Boots shops, but I managed to discover this on the eve of them releasing them in shops a lot more widespread.  I popped into Boots in Piccadilly Circus before work the next day and thought i'd check them out.

When I got there the first thing I noticed was that although the bottles were a different shape, the magnetic lid was EXACTLY the same as the Nails Inc one.  This filled me with confidence in the 17 polish, but also made me wonder how they can both be selling practically the same product?  Anyway, 17 also produce 3 colours;  Purple, Silver and Green.  I was unsure what colour to buy, but then I noticed the price!  £5.99 for 1!  This is a bargain for a magnetic nail varnish (especially compared to the Nails Inc prices) and as Boots were doing a 3 for 2 deal, that meant I got all 3 17 colours for the price of 1 Nails Inc!  Best of all, every polish comes with a magnet on top with 17, something Nails Inc really should think about doing.

17 Magnetized Polish in Lilac
17 Magnetized Polish in Teal

17 Magnetized Polish in Gun Metal

As you can probably tell, because of the cost of the 17 polishes I assumed the coverage wouldn't be as good as Nails Inc, or the magnet wouldn't work as well.  The ONLY difference I can find between these polishes is that the 17 one dries quicker, therefore you have to be super fast between applying the polish to your nail and holding the magnet over it.  To be fair, in the grand scheme of things polish drying too quickly is never a bad thing is it?  Don't worry it's not instant drying, you do still have time to do the magnet effect on it as long as you are quick!

I find if you apply 1 layer of the polish onto your nails without using the magnet effect, wait for that to dry, apply a 2nd layer and then use the magnet it works out a lot better.  It's best to apply the polish thinly, as if you layer it on thick it takes a while to dry and the magnet effect isn't as crisp and defined.  As you are covering the polish quite thin the 2nd layer makes it a total block colour and you don't get it looking patchy and see through in some places.

All in all I prefer the 17 polish, just because it is purse friendly and not any worse than the Nails Inc polish at all.  I'm not sure who will release a more diverse range of colours first, but at the moment the only upper hand Nails Inc has is the fact they are selling a gold version.  This is a dubious advantage though, as the magnet effect isn't as clear with this colour and as I said above I would probably just end up using the gold polish without the magnet.

What magnetic nails have you tried, and what were your thoughts?  I'd love to hear your opinions on any magnetic polishes you have tried!

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