Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Cosmo Blog Awards

Although I am relatively new to this whole blogging thing, my friends have been really supportive with it and have encourage me to enter the Cosmo Blog Awards 2011. 

I've had a really good response from people via Twitter regarding my blog.  I know most blogs are solely focused on fashion, or beauty, or music, but as I have a keen interest in all 3 (as well as random things - see Rabbit Show Jumping below) I like to blog about them all. 

I just wanted to post to say thanks to everyone that reads my blog, whether you comment/follow or not.  Also, if you could just take 2 minutes of your time to vote for me at the Cosmo awards i'd really appreciate it.  I love blogging and knowing that people read it and enjoy it makes it all worth while!

Smoochies x

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Rabbit Show Jumping

I have just been introduced to rabbit show jumping by one of my friends.  I have literally spent the last half hour sitting at my desk crying with laughter at the pictures.  I will now share these with you:

I've got a feeling this rabbit is the Kelly Sotherton of the rabbit show jumping world

VMA's Fashion

Here we go...

Obviously the hot topic of this year's VMA's was Bey Bey announcing her first pregnancy with hubs Jay Z, but we all know that ladies are more interested in the fashion...

Flying the flag for the UK, I think Adele was one of the big winners of the night in the fashion stakes.  Pretty if not a bit understated, this black dress does wonders for flattering her figure (has she lost a bit of weight?) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her hair!  I think she looks stunning here, and the make up is expertly applied to make her beautiful face appear even more lovely than usual :)

Jessie J still has the cast on her ankle from when she broke it on stage (months ago, how long will that thing be on for?) - I have to admire her effort and she does look good, but I can't help thinking she looks like she is trying to be a poor man's lady gaga?  It also looks like she is wearing a loafer with her outfit in this picture... not too sure about that Jess...

Brit Brit also scrubbed up nicely last night.  Although she still appears to be dead behind the eyes and not even allowed to have her own mobile phone, she appears to have lost a bit of weight (I personally prefer her like this - i'm sure some would say she looks a bit porky, but I just think she looks healthy).  Hair extensions sorted, make up nice, dress lovely.  Better then her previous VMA attempt anyway...

Brit 2011 :)

Brit 2007 :(
Miley did a good job of trying to look lovely - I'm not sure what it is with her,  but I just really am not a fan of her.  I think the way she dresses and acts is really inappropriate for someone who is basically a child, and i'm hardly a prude.  I do like this dress though, I think she's better when she goes understated.  She's just being Miley...

I think teen pop sensation (aka one hit wonder) JoJo also looked lovely... There is something totally psycho about her though, and I just can't put my finger on what.  I think she looks a bit too much like Lindsay Lohan...

I see Katie Holmes went for her usual and picked a truly boring, drab outfit.  I think she is a beautiful woman yet she does absolutely nothing for herself.  Suri is more dressed up than Katie half the time... nice hair though.

Katy Perry was her usual eclectic self, and chose to match her pink hair with a Geisha style dress (albeit a bit shorter than a Geisha would wear i'd assume), oriental parasole and stupidly hot husband Russell Brand.  Not too sure about the look, but if she ever needed her husband taken off her hands for a while i'd happily oblige. 

I've saved the crazy for last.  Nicki Minaj - where do I even begin?  Can anyone say GAGA?  Enjoy!

Crazy in Love

So, Beyowolf and Jay Z are pregnant.  I'm super happy about this news, they are one of the few celebrity couples that I think appear to be genuinely (crazy) in love, and it's nice :)

The little one is going to be super talented what with having those two for parents.

I took the liberty of trying to find out what their bubba would look like.  I think it's safe to say that there could be room for improvement, but the little one looks quite cute!

Introducing... little Bey Z!

Congrats Jay & Beyonce!

Fast Fuse

I am SO excited about this.

Kasabian's new album Velociraptor! is out on 19th September, and to coincide with this album release they are doing a rather short tour to promote the new album.  Dates as follows: 

November 28th - The Brighton Centre
November 30 - Motorpoint Arena Cardiff
December 2 - Capital FM Arena Nottingham
December 4 - Liverpool Echo Arena
December6 - NIA Birmingham
December 7 - MEN Arena Manchester 
December 8 - Metro Radio Arena Newcastle
December 10 - Motorpoint Arena Sheffield
December 11 - SECC Glasgow
December 14 - The O2 London

I have been a fan of Kasabian for a long time, and although I love all their old music, my favourite album is definitely West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum - if their last effort is anything to go by, this new album will be amazing.  I have already downloaded the first single from it, Switchblade Smiles (you can listen to it here) and i'm addicted already.

If you want to see them live, their tour is already being sold on pre-sale.  Go to ticketmaster and they are selling a pre-sale ticket, including transaction fees and a pre-order copy of the album (it'll be delivered by digital download when available vis Sony) for £37.95 - that is ridiculously cheap!

I have to be careful this month, but the first thing I am doing once I get some money is buying one of these tickets.  It'll be EPIC.

Forever is over...

So, Summer is over and I am officially depressed today.

My summer ended epically, just as it started and continued.  I had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend :)

On Friday I went to visit my sister and we took my lovely niece Tilly swimming, then I got the train home ready to go out for a friensd 21st on Friday night. 

Saturday was nice and chilled during the day, then I attend my friends fathers 50th birthday at hers, so again was nice and chilled.  Her dad is so funny and loves the pictures of me planking so he did it himself, and we ended up making a planking waffle - 4 guys on the bottom, 3 girls planking on top of the guys and then 2 more girls on top of the 3 girls in the middle.  Crazy!

On Sunday we were all headed to SW4 - Had a lovely breakfast of crossaints and champagne, then headed to Clapham Common for the festival.  Saw a few people we knew in there which was cool, and we all had a really good time.  The weather could have done with being a bit nicer though, was freezing by the time the sun went in!
On Monday we woke up and went for a late lazy lunch, I ate SO MUCH I could barely move!  Stopped off for ice cream on the way home and spent the rest of the afternoon chilling watching Home Alone - it actually got me in the mood for Christmas! 
All in all had a lovely weekend, and i'm just SO sad that that's it for summer now.  I have been to loads of gigs, festivals, had an amazing holiday and LOADS of awesome nights out.  At least I have a fair few things to look forward to in Winter :)

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Payday Heyday

So, today I got paid.  I was sitting at work, wondering what I could wear to SW4 and also wondering what I could have for lunch... I tend to go a bit mad with regards to my lunch on payday - I always think "I can afford to have WHATEVER I WANT for lunch, so i'd better make it good" - I normally just end up eating a sandwich or something equally as boring though :/

Anyway, SW4 this weekend.  I literally have no idea what I am going to wear.  I've checked the weather forecast and it says 'light rain shower' and a high of 19 degrees.  This is all well and good, but what does this mean?  That it's going to be mostly sunny with the odd bit of rain?  That it'll absolutely piss it down for 2 hours and then be fine again afterwards?  Or just that it's going to lightly rain alll day?

Anyway, I went shopping at lunch and bought a few new bits.  I have lots of summery things I can wear if it turns out to be nice.  Little playsuits and sandals etc, but I don't really have anything if the weather isn't that great.  This is what I bought:

Raspberry Jeans from New Look - £23

 I really wanted a pair of coloured jeans, but the ones out at the moment in most shops are really bright - I wouldn't mind this, but that does nothing to help me flatter my figure, and due to the time constraint of summer practically being over, I didn't want to try to rock some neon pink trews in the middle of November.  I like this colour as there are so many things in the shops at the moment that will go with them, and they are bright without being too... bright.  Plus I like the word raspberry.  RASPberry.

I bought a plain black vest to wear with this top - I have loads but I always end up wearing them with pj bottoms (I can't bear sleeping in shirts or long sleeved tops).  I would post a picture, but it's nothing remarkable and I am sure you all know what a plain black vest looks like. 

New Look are doing a great offer at the moment too - If you spend £30 or more, they give you a free necklace, which I think is a nice touch.  I went for a parrot necklace, and I am already a little bit in love with it!

Parrot Necklace - New Look £6.99
aka free if you are quick!

Last but not least, I had pretty much given up hope of finding a nice top today so was on my way back to the office when I popped into River Island, and saw THIS:

Shawl - River Island - £25
I instantly fell in love with this.  You can't really see from the picture as it's not that clear, but it's a jacquard leopard print shawl - the colours are blue, camel, silver - The other thing I liked about it is that although it's got fur around the colour, it's not that horrible cheap looking fur, like you found a dead cat in the road and decided to nick it's tail and stick it around your neck.  I just figured if the weather is nice but not THAT nice this could be teamed with the jeans I just bought or denim shorts.  J'adore.

Anyway, that was the extent of my shopping trip - In all the excitement I forgot to buy something to eat before running back to the office to show everyone what i'd bought, so now I am sitting here trying to make a bag of ready salted crisps last me till 5pm.  My sister had better of made a big dinner when I get to hers :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend...

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Dizzee, my head is spinning...

So, today is Wednesday - I have OFFICIALLY made it half way through the week.  This week has so far been such a monumental pain in the ass that I just had to book Friday off as holiday.  I don't think I could have coped with more than 3 days of work.

I think I am still recovering from everything I have done this month.  August is normally always pretty good for me as my birthday is right smack bang in the middle of it, but this August has been particularly great.  The first week of August I went to Ibiza, then I got back and 2 days later we all went out at the weekend to celebrate my 25th birthday, then the week after that was the weekend just gone which involved the beach and V.  I would like to say I am going to take it easy and chill this weekend but i'm not - come on, i've got to round off August in style, go out with a bang and all that!

As I said before, I have booked this Friday off as holiday.  The plan is to go down to my sisters early on Friday morning (or tomorrow night after work, haven't decided what to do yet) and just chill, then on Friday morning we are going to take my niece Tilly swimming.  Afterwards i'll have lunch with them and then hot foot it back to Essex in time to go out for my friend Leanne's 21st birthday on Friday night.  We're just going to the pub and then a cool 80's bar near us, and it should be a good, cheap, DRUNKEN night.  Saturday is going to be pretty chilled as we're all going to SW4 on Sunday.  SW4 is a dance festival held in Clapham Common and this year I am going with the same girls I went to Ibiza with, so we should have a good time raving in the field just like we're back at Space Sundays :)

Monday should be pretty relaxed, I think if the weather is nice a big group of us are going to go to Colchester Zoo.  I LOVE going to the Zoo, when I was with my ex we actually had a gold card there so we could go as many times as we liked within 1 year and we seriously went there all the time!

Hopefully Saturday night and Monday night will both be early nights for me, if not next week i'll be DEAD.  I don't know how I am going to cope with a 5 day working week after this month, I haven't had a 5 day week since July!

I get paid tomorrow too, and I cannot wait!  I have seen SO many lovely things in the shops I want to buy.  My friend sorted out our V tickets for next year, so I am going to save half the money for that from this months pay and the other half from next months, leaving me more time to buy lots of lovely things!  Here are a few of the things i've got my eye on...
Image 1 of Ash Extreme Bucked Heeled Hiking Boots
I LOVE these, but they are slightly too expensive for
me this month *sad face*
ASSO - £205

Image 1 of ASOS Sequin Moustache Top
We all know by now I have a passion for moustaches -
It doesn't get much better than this!!
ASOS - £20

I'm also quite liking this for SW4 on Sunday
Sale - Topshop - £20

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Won't Go Quietly

I totally get it:


Rain rain go away, come again... never!

What a horrible, miserable day it is today :( Today is the kind of weather where you just want to lay in bed with a hot chocolate and a film - Literally writing that has made me just want to run out of work and dissapear onto the Central Line!

I had a LOVELY weekend, hence the reason I have been MIA since Thursday.  Friday morning I woke up and the weather was lovely, so I went with my friend Dan to a lovely beach called Walton on the Naize, just outside of Clacton.  Look at how beautiful the beach is...

I arrived at Walton probably around 12.30ish.  We went and got sausage and chips and ate them on the beach.  Then we did what any normal 25 year olds would do - we went and bought a bucket a spade and dug a MASSIVE hole - it was big enough for me to sit in comfortably...

Once we dug the hole, we walked along the beach to the pier, went inside and played some games - I OWNED the dance mat, and then we had a nice drive home in the sunshine listening to Biffy Clyro.  It was a lovely day, and then I went to my friends house for a nice girly catch up and a chinese.  I was a happy bunny on Friday night when I went to sleep!

Obviously the rest of the weekend was filled up with V Festival.  I literally live 15 mins away from V in Chelmsford, so my lovely daddy agreed to drive me there and pick me up both days so I didn't have to drive myself or get a cab...

My friend Charlie came to mine on the Saturday - Want a glimpse of their V fashion?  Here you go...

Me channelling hippy chic
Hairband:  ASOS
Sunnies:  Ray Ban
T shirt:  Topshop
Jeggings:  Primark
Espadrilles:  River Island

Charlie getting festival chic right
Hat:  New Look
Glasses:  Topshop
Top:  H&M
Leggings - Topshop
Plimpsoles:  Vans
I think we all rocked V hard on Saturday.  Unfortunately I was having far too much fun to take style pictures on the Sunday or indeed once we were in the festival, so you'll have to make do with a group shot of us girls on the Sunday;
From left to right - Me, Jo, Charlie, Boo
I saw some awesome acts at V too, although I wasn't too keen on the line up this year  On the Saturday I saw Wretch 32, Labrinth, Kele, Chipmunk, Example, Jessie J, Tinie Tempah, Plan B, Razorlight and Dizzee Rascal.  On Sunday I saw D12, Noisettes, Ocean Colour Scene, The Wanted, The Saturdays, The Script, Rhianna and then Eminem.  Out of all of those people, the only ones I actually like are Wretch 32, Kele, Example, Tinie Tempah, Razorlight, Dizzee Rascal, Ocean Colour Scene, Rhianna and Eminem.  I must admit though, bouncing around the JJB Arena with 2 gay guys watching the Saturdays was one of the highlights of the weekend!

So yesterday I chilled at a friends and watched X Factor and Big Brother, then we went for a Nando's and to see The Inbetweeners movie - was very funny and good, but I think because everyone had gone on about it so much I was expecting it to be better.  Still worth going to see though!


Thursday, 18 August 2011


So thanks to a friend on Facebook, I discovered an awesome new website today - I'm aware that I may be massively late with this revelation, but hey ho.

The website is called Glossybox and basically you pay £12.95 a month (including p&p) and they send you a box with 5 random beauty items in for you to try.  On recommendation from my friend, she says the producs you get are really good and it's worth doing. 

Once you receive your box, you have the opportunity to write a review on each of the products.  Each product then earns you 20 'glossydots' - Once you receive 1000 glossydots (or review each item in 10 boxes if you can't be bothered to work that out) then you will receive a FREE glossybox - what's not to love?

You can look through the website and see past boxes that were sent out and what sort of products are inside, and I have to say I am impressed.  Bear in mind each product is tester size, not full but it's still seems worth while.

This is the contents of May's Glossybox:

All for Eve (Eve Red Lipstick)
All for Eve - Red Lipstick
Alterna (Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray)
Alterna (Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray) 

NARS (Orgasm Illuminator)

NARS (Orgasm Illuminator)

Bionova (Bioactive Cleanser for Normal/Dry Skin)
Bionova (Bioactive Cleanser for Normal/Dry Skin)
Como Shambhala (Invigorate Body Lotion)

Como Shambhala (Invigorate Body Lotion)

As soon as I get paid i'm signing up for my first glossybox - are you?

Shop till I drop...

So last night I ventured to Lakeside in a last ditch attempt for some inspiration for V this weekend.  This is what I wore:

I love that jumper, it's from Topshop and is quite baggy and big - I normally team it with leggings and pumps but chucked on the shorts and tights last night as that's what i'll probably be wearing to V, and wanted to try things on with the bottom half of the outfit.

Anyway, I bought this t shirt for V, in the picture I am wearing with shorts and tights but with a bit of luck the weather will perk up a bit this weekend and I can ditch the tights.  If not i'll probably just pair with some jeggings and espadrilles.


Apologies for the pictures, I had to take them myself, in the mirror, on my phone - not the best quality!

I also got these little gems, I am loving chunky rings at the moment and I instantly fell in love with these - also they were all in the sale!  Score!  Enjoy xx

This ring has a fully functioning clock in the middle :)
£3 from Primark


Double finger ring, pink in middle
£3 from Primark

Oh deer!
£3 from Primark

My favourite of them all - I have a thing for moustaches at the moment...
£8 from Topshop

Welcome to my happy place...

So, my commute in the morning is normally pretty boring, a good old 20 stops on the Central line to get to my office.  Someone tweeted a link to a website entitled 'Sarcastic Graffiti' earlier, and it literally had me in fits on the train... here are some of my favourites, hope you enjoy too!

                                 and my absolute favourite...