Friday, 25 May 2012

Bright Light City...

I thought i’d do a little post about the nail polish I had in Vegas... I haven’t got pictures of all the polish I bought yet as I literally haven’t had a chance to keep painting my nails as I have been running around so much since i’ve been back, but i’ll start with these...

I went into Sephora when I was in Vegas and as predicted, nearly died of excitement!  The shops is absolutely unreal for the amount of products and the absolute bargains you get in there!  I picked up some OPI, Ciate Caviar Nails, Nails Inc, Illamasqua and Essie polishes and was in my element.

The polish I was most excited about getting was the Ciate Caviar nails – I decided to make myself wait till I was out there to buy it just as it would be so much sweeter, and I wasn’t sure if they’d have any alternative colours.  I was most excited about getting the black pearl set but when I was showed the 3 different colours I just had to buy the multi coloured too and it’s turned out to be the pack I have ended up using the most!  

I had taupe nails with moustache transfers on for the first few days of Vegas, I did take a picture of my nails and post it on Facebook but for some reason cannot find the picture ANYWHERE now L The picture I have attached is of the same transfers just so you can get an idea, but I had put them on with Models Own Bare Beauty.  

After about 5 days of wear and tear the transfers weren’t looking too great and they had faded and chipped off.  I used this as the perfect excuse to begin my polish shopping and went and purchased the polishes listed above.  This picture is of the first change to my nails in Vegas.  I used OPI Gauda Gauda Two Shoes for the main nails, and then the Ciate Caviar manicure in Rainbow.  I liked how the ring finger was brighter than the nails, I feel like if i’d put a neon or pink colour on the rest of my nails it would have made them look a bit too ‘candy’ like.  I found that the caviar nails lasted a decent amount of time on my hands, bearing in mind I was swimming and probably doing more with my hands then I would normally do being on holiday etc.  I think on average they lasted 3 days before most of them had fell off and I had to remove, but considering I didn’t think they’d last an evening they did quite well!  I am definitely going to be sticking with the caviar manicure as it’s a nice way to jazz up your nails a little bit if you want something funky but still need to be understated.

Next is the Illamasqua polish I picked up over there.  This could potentially be my favourite colour of all time!  I have other purples and lilacs in my collection but have normally found that unless the purple is a pastel shade it makes my hands look really pale.  After thinking this for the best part of 2 years, along comes Illamasqua and blows my theory right out of the water with Jo’mina.  It attracted my attention because of the colour and partly because of the name (my friend Jo also picked up a bottle out there purely because we decided it was named after her) and it did an awesome job of making my hands and feet look browner if anything.  This is a lovely summer shade but not too OTT bright, I can see this being my favourite shade this season.  The coverage of the polish is also really good, it’s not too thick and gloopy but doesn’t need 4 layers to make it bright.  Drying time is again not too bad, although the most boring thing in the world is waiting for your nails to dry...

Last but not least in this post I have my beloved Essie in ‘Cute as a Button’ – I cannot resist a good coral colour for summer and although I probably have a million slightly different coral shades, this colour isn’t like the others.  It has a very warm pink undertone to it, to the point where I cannot actually decide if it’s coral or pink?  Anyway, I love it, perfect for work as it’s bright without being neon and just looking at my hands with it on makes me smile.  If you can imagine the Models Own Hedonist without the bright NEONness, then this is what the colour is like in real life – LOVE!  In this picture I had it on with the Rainbow Caviar Nails on the ring finger as I am a bit obsessed with that at the moment...

As you can probably tell I bought more than 3 polishes out there, so hopefully over the weekend I can experiment a bit with the colours and post some more.  One thing that has upset me greatly is that I bought the Nails Inc Fishnet Magnetic Nails out in Vegas in Gold, but when I got back the magnet had fell off the top and i’ve lost it, so now i’m just stuck with a plain gold polish that I can’t do the effect with L Bad times.  On a brighter note, just LOOK at all the polish in Sephora – can you imagine how much of a total fit I had when I saw this?  My idea of actual heaven, GET ME BACK TO VEGAS!!!!!

When the Sun Goes Down...

The weather in London is beautiful today!  It’s so much nicer waking up in the morning with my windows open and the sun shining, hopefully this means summer is here to stay...

I have a weekend packed full of sun related activities which I hope I can handle!  Since I got back from Vegas I have been getting migranes and blurred vision and it appears to be bought on when i’m out in the sun – not good when it’s the start of the summer and I love sitting out in it, but i’m going to the doctors next week to see if they can tell me what it is causing it.  A few people have said it might be dehydration or that I need glasses.  I don’t know what it is but ever since I was little I have always liked the idea of having glasses.  Obviously I am not encouraging my eyesight to start failing, but if I DID need to wear glasses at work I wouldn’t have a breakdown about it!

Tonight I am going to the pub with Charlie and to meet up with a few friends I haven’t seen for what feels like ages!  It’ll be nice to potentially sit outside in the beer garden and have a few drinks.  Evenings always seem so much longer when the sun is out (for obvious reasons...).  Tomorrow I have the next Rejam instalment which I am very excited about! 

As the weather looks like it’s going to be hot again i’ve bought this top to wear with leggings and vans, just so i’ll be comfortable as well as fully embracing the summer attire.  I love the colours of this top, loving the dip dye faded out trend with clothes at the moment and the colours remind me of sunsets... can you tell I am totally in love with the sun at the moment?

Sunday will hopefully be spent again in the sun somewhere nice, maybe over the forest near where I live with my friends.  Today i’m at work and although I have my first bare legs day of the year, i’m starting to majorly regret it as the wind has lifted my skirt up on 2 occasions now – at least the builders working outside my office got a nice glimpse of my new Victoria’s Secret underwear – good job I wore some nice pants today!

What are your plans for this lovely sunny weekend?  Let’s hope the weather stays nice for bank holiday weekend!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Top 5 Vegas Antics

As promised, I will now start probably my long line of Vegas blogs...

I’ve been pondering how to actually write this blog post, in between working, keeping myself busy to fend off the holiday blues and the lovely sunshine I haven’t really had time!  Really loving the weather in London at the moment, although it’s so much more unbearable when you have to sit on a stuffy central line.  Give me the heat with a cocktail in one hand and my ass in the pool any day!

Anyway, I didn’t want to bore you all with a step by step “what I did in Vegas aren’t you all jealous of me post” – I could seriously spend the entire day writing about it but i’m not sure if many of you will appreciate it.  Therefore, I have come up with a Top 5 Best Vegas moments post.  I think it’s nice to share the experiences i’ve had with you, so you can see more of what I am really like and what my personal life is like (i’m not JUST obsessed with make up you know!)  So without further ado, in no particular order...

1.     Pure Nightclub - Caesars Palace

This was our first night out on this holiday, we landed on the Monday night and went to Pure on the Tuesday night.  Caesars Palace is one of the best hotels in Vegas, the inside and outside is just stunning and we were all really excited about going to this club.  We got ready and had a nice drink in a bar inside the hotel opposite Pure called the Seahorse Lounge.  If you have been to Vegas before you’ll know that they don’t do things by half out there and this bar was stunning.  It had a massive tall aquarium in the middle filled with seahorses and it was a lovely place to go first for a cheeky cocktail while we assessed the queue for the club.  Obviously I could smoke there too, so I was totally in my element.  After this we went into Pure, another beautiful club with a gorgeous roof terrace.  As Caesars is in the middle of the strip you get an awesome view of the surrounding hotels and all the lights.  It really helped get us excited for the holiday, once we were on the terrace it really bought it home to us that we were IN VEGAS AND OUR HOLIDAY WAS JUST BEGINNING!  I liked the music in Pure as it was all old school R&B – any club that busts out Girlfriend by Nelly & N*Sync is fine by me!  We went to the toilet and when we came out the bouncer invited us into the VIP area, where we ended up sitting on this old guys table and drinking all his drink.  This happens a lot in Vegas, they want girls in the VIP areas so they get a group of girls to sit at a table with a group of men and drink for free – god knows why but we weren’t complaining!  The dude we were paired with though was totally not that bothered about talking to us... he just wanted to have a good night, so much so that a prostitute he ordered turned up half way through the night and ended up sitting at the booth drinking with us too!  Only in Vegas...

Seahouse Lounge

View from the Terrace at Pure

Free Champagne anyone?

2.     Wet Republic

This was my favourite day on the holiday.  It was my friend Jo’s birthday on the Thursday and she has celebrated her birthday in Vegas for the last 3 years.  We decided to go to the Wet Republic Pool Party in our hotel (the MGM) during the day on her birthday, as it was a nice way to celebrate.  We got up early, put our outfits on and went to the pool.  In the MGM there are 5 seperate swimming pools, but Wet Republic is the other side of a wall so basically the only way you can experience it is to actually sort out guest list and go inside – it’s not just one of the hotel pools that plays music.  We hired a day bed which I *think* was $300 minimum spend which between 4 of us we easily ploughed through!  We ordered a couple of jugs of strawberry daiquiri and a few buckets of Bud Light Lime (<3) and spent the entire day in the pool.  We had met 2 groups of boys out there both on stag dos and they were all there too so it was a really lovely day, just having banter with everyone we had met and enjoying the sun on Jo’s birthday.  Since being home I have been told I look like Wonder Woman in my swimsuit, but I don’t care it looked FIT!

Ali, me, Jo, Charlie and Mark

Lovely ladies on our Daybed :)

Northampton meets Essex!

3.     Cirque Du Soleil – Mystere

One of the nights we wanted to have a relatively quiet one so we decided to book tickets to see Cirque.  The original one we wanted to see wasn’t showing that night (La Reve) so we went for Mystere instead and we weren’t disappointed.  It was brilliant and Jo and I were quietly pleased to realise it was the show that you see briefly in Knocked Up (when the 2 guys go to Vegas and take mushrooms and Cirque freaks them both out).  The acrobatics were amazing and after each section I thought to myself “that’s going to be my favourite bit” but then the next bit was better.  The trapeze artists were towards the end of the show and they were just incredible, although it was getting to the point where none of us could watch because it was so nail biting – they clearly didn’t mess any of it up though and I am so pleased I have finally seen a Cirque as they are just out of this world!  You'll have to excuse the pictures (stolen from the internet) as you couldn't take pictures inside the theatre...

4.     Marquee Nightclub – The Cosmopolitan

We went to this nightclub on a whim as we weren’t actually supposed to be going out this night.  One of the groups of boys we met were going as it was their last night in Vegas and they invited us along.  We had been speaking to them for pretty much the entire holiday so we decided to join them but because of our antics leading up to this night none of us could really be bothered – we all ended up going in flat sandals (in Vegas that is a no no considering most of the girls are dressed up like Courtney Stodden) but we had the greatest night ever!  Again the Cosmopolitan is set in the middle of the strip so when you are outside on the terrace there is an epic view of all the surrounding hotels.  The night got a bit messy and we ended up abandoning the club and walking back along the strip to the MGM to continue the party.  We were all drunk so GOD knows what time we left the club or how long the walk took, all I know is we ended up in the McDonalds in our hotel at 6am and didn’t get to sleep until 7am – then we had to get up at 9am as we agreed to spend the morning with the boys by the pool before they left.  Brilliant send off for the boys and another great night in Vegas to add to our list – shots anyone? ;)

Boys last night :(

5.     Pimp Cat

Last but not least, one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life.  The day after Marquee once the boys had left we were all TOTALLY dying, to the point where we couldn’t even sit by the pool as we were in such a state.  Jo and I decided to walk down to the pharmacy so I could pick up more OPI polish (yes I was obsessed) and on the way there we came across PIMP CAT.  He was sitting on a tramps lap (I presume the tramp owned him), decked out in his PIMP wifebeater, sunnies and munching his way through a bag of Cheetos, and it was the funniest thing I had ever seen EVER.  I don’t know what was even so funny about it as I have seen countless pictures of animals dressed up before, but I think it was the expression on this cats face – he did not give one inch of fuck where he was, what he was doing or what he looked like.  He was just sitting there eating and looking reemo.  Jo and I were in absolute fits taking the picture and for the rest of the holiday every time I held my phone up to show her the picture we would crack up laughing again.  Pimp Cat has helped to cheer me up and quell my holiday blues so therefore I’m thinking of buying my own pimp cat, but I just don’t think he’d have the attitude*.

*It has since been bought to my attention that as Pimp Cat’s owner was a tramp, Pimp Cat could well have been under the influence of drugs, therefore making him not care that he was wearing the radest outfit every owned by an animal – Is it bad that it doesn’t make it any less funny?  I hope he wasn’t on drugs, but if he was it would just fit in with his persona a bit more.  LONG LIVE PIMP CAT.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Honey, i'm homeeeee...

I’m back in the land of the living!

Sorry for the delay but I have only just managed to get over the Vegas blues enough to write a post.  I’m still pretty much suicidal, Vegas is seriously the best place in the world and I am so gutted to be home!

Anyway, I did say I would do a blog post when I got back regarding how mental I was due to go in Sephora... I ultimately ended up spending the majority of my money in Victoria’s Secret – I have enough pants to last me till September and I could literally shop in that place FOREVER!  I got some new polishes, my beloved Ciate nails that I was super excited about, some NARS pieces and some replacements of my favourite Bare Minerals bits.  Plus I got an absolute BARG when it came to a Benefit discount set in there.  I literally walked into Sephora and could have cried, they had an entire stand full of OPI polish that worked out to about £5 each!!

I will go through tonight and get myself sorted with the pictures and the swatches etc and update you all tomorrow – for now, I need to sleep – Jetlag is a bitch!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Morsh: Out of Blogfice

As you all probably know by now, I am off on my holidays on Monday!  Hitting Vegas for 8 nights but got a lovely 2 whole weeks of work - pure bliss! 

My time in Vegas will consist of sunbathing, eating, drinking, smoking, more drinking, more smoking, shopping and RAIDING Sephora - I have been so excited about going in this shop for months, I am genuinely going to be in heaven!

I have a list of the beauty products I know I want to get when I am out there, but obviously I am going to go mental and basically buy whatever catches my eye - all the beauty readers out there will be pleased to know I am planning a massive Vegas Beauty Haul post as soon as I am back!

Thanks for reading, have a lovely 2 weeks and i'll see you on the other side, and remember - what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!  (apart from herpes, that shit will come back with you!)

Morsh xx

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Voting Schmoting


Today is one of those days where Twitter makes a total arse of itself, everyone gets on their political high horses and ends up screaming and shouting at each other whilst cry wanking into a sock because they have fallen out with their best ‘online’ friend.  Yes, it’s Polling Day.

Before I even begin to justify my actions today, I want you all to know a few things –

2. I also understand that people think it’s important and we should exercise our right to freedom of speech and actually having a say in how this country is run – I believe that too. 
3. I really want a bacon sandwich because I am hanging like a BAT.

I am not going to vote today.  The reason I am not going to vote today is because I have no idea who to vote for.  It’s local elections so this is basically picking what MP I want within my area but the thing that concerns me the most is that I go onto Epping Forest District Councils website, and my area doesn’t actually appear to exist.  I click on the little Election banner and look through all the lists of the Candidate names – and not one of them is representing North Weald?  The nearest I can get to my area is somewhere called Epping Hemnall or Epping Lindsey – I live approx 2 inches from Epping, yet have never heard of either of these places.  I find this all very strange, but also take this to assume there is no one in charge of North Weald so I will now appoint myself into this role.  I am going to make 4 immediate changes:

  • Changing the name from North Weald to Numptyville™
  • The Co-Op to start selling Strawberry Cider as it gets on my nerves having to drive all the way to Tesco to get it
  • Weightwatchers meetings to be moved from the fucking TINY church hall and into the massive airfield, as the floor in that hall takes a pounding every Tuesday and God’s not happy.
  • For chavs to stop breaking into the petrol station opposite my house just to steal crisps, as the look of sheer terror I get from the cashier every time I open the door is starting to get irritating.

As you can probably tell I would be a great MP for Numptyville.  The new name reflects the feeling of the area and the locals that live in it.  I want to provide for the people and not make them work harder than they already have to, driving all over the place just to get a drink.  I want them to experience the great outdoors, whilst also being fit and healthy and helping them to not anger God.  I want to protect the buildings and the people in this village and make them feel safe.  I am all heart.

Anyway so I don’t know who to vote for and even if my area did really exist then I assume all the candidates look like they belong in a library and are going to petition something amazing that will only benefit people over the age of 85 ANYWAY (this being 94% of the population of Numptyville by the way).  I just feel, personally, that if I don’t know who to vote for then surely my vote is void?  Is there really any point in me turning up to the polling station and being shit eyed just in case I try and steal some of the biros, all so I can check a box next to a random name I have never even heard of?  I have never known who is in charge of my area and to be fair I have this amazing trait where I find an issue with pretty much everything anyway, so whoever gets voted in still won't be good enough in my book.  I would rather leave it to the people that do know and do understand what it all means and let them decide for me.  I trust them, the residents of Numptyville and I are brothers – we’re like THIS *crosses fingers*

Anyway I previously had an epic argument on Facebook with someone (BillyLunnfromTheSubwaysnotmentioninganynamescough) regarding the last General Election and it was brilliant.  That argument was probably my most favourite thing about any election there has ever been.  My friend did a Facebook status saying he wasn’t going to vote and ALL. HELL. BROKE. LOOSE.  I basically said my friend should take an interest in the running of the country and vote, but if he doesn’t want to it’s his prerogative.  Billy started crying from the off, saying that basically my friend couldn’t have a say in anything ever again because he wasn’t going to vote and something totally retarded like his first born son would be born with whiskers if he didn’t go and vote, just the usual shit.  I tried to have an intelligent, informative heated discussion with him but he got his balls in a knot so much that I just ended up asking if he ever managed to get that Rock and Roll Queen to agree to be seen dead with him – About 38 other people got involved and in the end he left Facebook for a bit because he just got absolutely torn to shreds.  It was one of the most best things I have ever had the pleasure of being involved with. 

Anyway, I do take the General Election seriously.  If I don’t know what one party is offering or who the candidate is I actually look and bother to find out, as I do believe that is like, totes important.  I don’t know why I feel like the local elections aren’t as important, they just... aren’t?  If you all want to vote today and know who to vote for then that is awesome and you are the people I am trusting to look after me and not let this country go to pot *high five*.  I just feel like my 1 vote could be the difference between a really good person and a really bad person getting in and it will all be because I didn’t have a fucking clue what I was doing?  That is how I am justifying this so for the people that want to give me a load of stick on Twitter and Facebook, don’t bother.  My bacon sandwich has just arrived so i’m off now.