Everything I say on this blog is my OWN opinion.  It's not your opinion, my bosses opinion, or the opinion of the BBC.

This blog is in no way connected with my job, or in any way affiliated with the opinions of my friends or acquaintances unless otherwise stated.

Occasionally I am sent freebies to review.  Please note that all freebies will be noted with a * (taking a leaf out of LLYMLRS book) to clearly distinguish the products I have paid for, and the products I have been gifted.

In terms of product placement and reviews on this site, I will only be accepting these offers from brands I am genuinely interested in, or products I would buy myself.  I will not be writing glowing reviews on a product I do not like.  All reviews will be honest and truthful, even if the products are gifted.  If I do not like the product I will give a fair explanation of why, and if I have had a bad experience with a brand and do not want to write about their products, I will refuse the offer.

Thank you

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