Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Nail Rock at Powder Rooms

So today I am going to talk to you all about my experience with using Powder Rooms and the Nail Rock nail wraps I was sent.

Powder Rooms

Having been on Twitter for a while I had heard a bit about Powder Rooms from some of my followers using them.  It’s an online shop run by a lady called Soraya and they are based in Brighton.  They sell various items, beauty products (Eyeko, Nail Rock, LiLash) to nice bits for the home, to Havianas and baby clothes.  

I had a conversation with Soraya and she sent me 2 Nail Rock items.  The one thing I do love about the Powder Rooms service is that Soraya is so easy to talk to on Twitter and you don’t just place an order and that’s it – you can ask her about any of the products on her site and as she has tried them before she will give you her honest opinion and tell you her thoughts or preferences.  She’s even advised me before to not buy a product as she didn’t know if I would like it going from what I had discussed with her!  I like that she’s not just out for a sale all the time, and you can actually have a decent discussion about what’s best for you out of the products she sells.  This is a good thing anyway but an absolute necessity if the shop is online only, as you can’t browse any of the items in real life if you want to purchase them without a whole lot of aggro.

I told Soraya the wraps I wanted and she sent them to me in the post.  Delivery was fine, standard 3-4 days service.  I was pleasantly surprised when I received the items as it wasn’t just an envelope with the items inside, they were so well presented (check out the pictures below).  I love the fact she has her own Powder Rooms tissue paper and stickers, and some delicious Power Rooms sweets that are included in the order.  I received this sitting at my desk mid morning so I was very happy to receive the sweets (just in case you were wondering, they taste like rock but are chewy and are LOVELY!).  Everything was so well wrapped I almost didn’t want to open it!


Nail Rock

Nail Rock

I got sent 2 wraps, the black silver and gold strips and the red and white polka dot and I liked them both!  My favourite is the stripes so I am saving that for a night out when I am wearing suitable attire, so I thought i’d try the polka dot throughout the week.  I applied them last night and thought it would be a bit of a nightmare.  My friend is a beautician and has given me a leopard minx manicure before, and that was really involved.  Applying the wraps and then heat sealing them to my fingers – It made me wonder how good the Nail Rock wraps were as you didn’t have to do this.  They come on a sheet of paper and you just peel off the wraps like stickers, and then stick them to your nail.  You get 16 wraps per pack, slightly different sizes so you can make sure they fit your nails.  You also get instructions with them so you know exactly how to do apply them.

I prepared my nails first, the instructions tell you to remove all nail polish with an acetone based remover.  I then buffed them to get rid of the natural shine, pushed my cuticules down and filed my nails to shape them.  Then I held the stickers up to my nails so I could see which ones would fit, and just peeled them off and stuck them on my nail.  First off you have to make sure the sides are stuck down firmly and then I pushed the sticker from the bottom up to ensure I didn’t get any creases.  They wraps are obviously very long, so once on my nail I just trimmed them shorter with some nail scissors.  I left a tiny gap at the top so I could fold the sticker slightly underneath my nail to stop any rough edges on the top of my nail.  Once on I used my nail buffer again just to run over the top of the nail.  This was really helpful as it’s smooth so didn’t snag the sticker or rip it, but it ensured they were firmly stuck to my nails all over.  Voila!  As you can see from the pictures the beauty of these stickers is they don’t chip and they give a really clean finish.  I am awful at painting my nails sometimes and always end up with the polish all over the tops of my fingers, and this is something you don’t get with wraps.

All in all I liked the wraps.  It didn’t take too long (about the same length of time it would take to remove old polish, file your nail, apply new polish and wait for it to dry).  The wraps being slightly different sizes were good as everyones nails are different and obviously there is no standard size.  The instructions are clear and simple and they give you a perfect nail art effect (good for people that like nail art but aren’t great at doing it themselves, i.e. me).

I’d definitely use Nail Rock again, they are perfect for if you want statement nails on a night out.  I still have them on now so will keep you updated with how long they last.  As I sit in an office and type all day and have long nails i’m not sure if the edges will start to rip, but that’s something i’ll only find out through experience.

At this point i’d just like to thank Soraya and Powder Rooms for the great service and the sheer amount of effort that is put in to every order.  It really pays off and gives me confidence that my item will be sent to me carefully, well presented and that there’s always someone around if there are any problems or you just want an opinion!  If you want to check out the website click here, or if you want to follow Soraya on Twitter and have a chat, click here.

Powder Rooms sell lots of different Nail Rocks' wraps, so check out their website for the different varieties – As soon as I get paid I am going to buy some more - I think my love affair with Powder Rooms and Nail Rock has just started...

Let me know if you've used Powder Rooms or Nail Rock before and what you think - I'd love to hear your comments!

*please note these wraps were gifted to me by Soraya at Powder Rooms.


  1. brilliant! i wana try them now! lol xx

  2. The power of good marketing. I like a lot.

  3. Love this! Thanks so much for the great review, really happy you like the products, the site and the packaging xx