Wednesday, 2 November 2011

UK Fashion Bible

Not sure if you are aware, but UK Fashion Bible are running a November competition to submit a blog entry to be used on their blog in December.

The aim is to go onto their website (Fashion Bible) and arrange an outfit using the items they sell on the site.  It's judged on the best 'party outfit' and as this is something I love doing, I thought i'd enter :)

Here is my entry:

Mesh Insert Body - £14
Spotty Shorts - £13.99
Suede Effect Ankle Boots - £28.99

First off, I would wear this outfit on a night out, but I would wear it with some Opaques.  I like this outfit because it's quite racy and revealing for a night out, without being too 'bare'.  I love the shorts, they jazz the outfit up a bit so it's not so plain, and the boots will add height (making your legs look slimmer in the shorts) and will be easy to walk in as they are wedged and not neck breaking heels!

To enter yourself just follow Uk Fashion Bible on Twitter at UKFashionBible and message them for more details.

Hope you like the outfit, would love to hear your comments!

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