Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Weekend Love

I haven't done a personal blog post for a while, so thought i'd write something to interest the boys and stop me from being too boring!

I had a lovely weekend, pub with the girls on Friday night and then drove over to my sisters on Saturday to see her, my brother in law and my beautiful neice Tilly!  We went out shopping for some Christmas presents, then we got home and dressed Tilly up as a pumpkin (my idea) and then just had a chilled night watching X Factor and eating pizza and chocolate cake (made by my talented brother in law!)  Check out the picture of Tilly in her Halloween outfit, so cute!

Tilly the Pumpkin
So Sunday I got up and drove back to Essex and got ready as my friend Charlie had managed to snag some tickets to the Britain and Irelands Next Top Model Live show at the Excel.  I went with her and my friend Jo and we were fully committed to spending the afternoon wandering around.  They had some really good discounts on beauty and fashion there, I ended up getting some really good bargains.  I will do a big BNTML post later in the week, I can't do it now becuase...

MY LAPTOP IS BROKEN!  I am so distraught, every night for the last week I have attempted to fix my laptop myself but I just can't do it.  I am going to have to admit defeat and take it somewhere I think.  My followers on Twitter have been so helpful, trying to give me advice etc but I think I have to accept this is a job for a professional.  As soon as my laptop is nursed back to health and I can actually upload pictures to it from my camera i'll give you the full DL from the show on Sunday.

After the show we all went home and got ready and then hit our fave local hangout Nu Bar for the Garage Night they had on.  Nu Bar is based in Loughton and I go there a lot with my friends, it's one of my favourite places to go on a night out.  It's run by a guy called Adam who really is a great bar manager - his sole concern is making sure everyone has a good time and everything is running smoothly in the bar and as much as you don't really think about it, it does make a difference to your night out.  I always have a good night in Nu Bar, I got a booth there for my birthday in August and it was great - very drunken but great!  It's well worth clubbing together with a group of mates if you are thinking of going and getting a booth.  If anyone wants to check out Nu Bar you can look at their website here or check them out on twitter here.  For all you fame seekers out there too, it's regularly frequented by the stars of TOWIE - We are all used to them now so we aren't that bothered but if any of you want to catch a glimpse Nu Bar is totally the best place to go!  Anyway, on Sunday night we were all excited as we were totally reliving our youth - we aren't into Garage music now but we all grew up listening to it.  It was actually a really good night, the music was amazing and they had MC Creed turn up and perform - I was loving that!  I managed to get a picture of me with Creed but that is yet another picture that I can't get on my laptop as yet.

Anyway, that was my action packed fun filled weekend.  Fingers crossed the laptop is fixed soon, I hate having LOADS of things to blog about and having to wait!

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