Thursday, 24 November 2011

Models Own & Diet Coke Collaboration

You should all know just how much I love Models Own, and I have enough fillings to prove I love Diet Coke - so you can imagine how happy I was to hear that they have collaborated to launch the 'Christmas Kisses' lip gloss collection!

As you can see from above there are 4 beautiful colours to collect.  Just pop into Boots and buy 2 250ml bottles of Diet Coke (and before you ask yes they are the small bottles).  Everytime you buy 2 bottles of Coke, you get 1 lipgloss free!  There are 4 to collect and at £2.50 for both bottles you can grab the whole collection for £10 (check me out, just call me Carol Vorderman).  Score!

I ran into the Carnaby St Boots today to grab them but they only had 2 of the colours left :(  I grabbed the one I liked the look of the most, and did some swatches on the quick in the toilet at work (so excuse the dodgy pictures)

So one thing I worked out when I was doing this is that I have really wonky lips?  I'm quite upset about that.

Anyway, as you can see I went for 'Lacquer Red', and that's the gloss second from right in the top photo.  I wasn't sure what I was expecing, I have never used Models Own make up (apart from the smudgeable eyeliner you get free with your first online order) and their nail varnish obviously.  First thing I noticed was the smell.  It smells really... cheap?  Anyway, it put me off a bit but I continued.

When I put it on my hand for the swatch I was shocked - It comes out like acrylic paint!  It is SO pigmented and SO thick, so that's another thing that put me off.  I imagined it would be like red glue when I put it on my lips.  It has a very glossy texture and seemed very sticky on my hand, but surprisingly enough it did come off very easily using a paper towel and a bit of water.

The best part came when I put it on my lips.  The coverage was instant and although it was thick, it did actually cover like paint!  The bottles are good and make the gloss easy to apply, but best of all (as I have now discovered my lips are just WEIRD and not a regular shape) if you get any on your face it doesn't smudge when you try to wipe it off, it just... vanishes?  You can see from the last picture how striking the colour is compared to my natural lip colour (my lips aren't really pale, they are just normal colour).  Another good thing is that the gloss doesn't smell once it's on your lips, so I either have a mutant sense of smell or the bottles smell plasticy - either way it doesn't matter if your mouth doesn't smell!

I would thoroughly reccomend this gloss, I would buy it even if it didn't come free with the bottles of Coke.  It appears to have epic staying power, I don't usually use lip gloss as within 5 mins of me applying it it's all disappeared!  It's safe to say that i'll be stock piling Diet Coke for a while as i'll definitely be getting the other 3 colours.

Have you tried this glosses, and if so what colour did you go for? 


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