Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Don't Get Lippy...

So, do you like Jessie J?  Coveting her look?  Well, if the skin tight cellulite revealing catsuit look isn’t for you, and you can’t afford to lug a throne around with you all the time then the answer to your prayers is here.

Lip transfers.  Made solely for the brave or mental.  I think applied correctly they could look AMAZING depending on the pattern you choose.  To find out more I have been googling them and the most popular brand for these transfers appears to be Violent Lips.  They do a range of patterns, and are responsible for the Union Jack lips Jessie J plastered on her face for her performance on Britains Got Talent last year.  We know that Jessie is already a fan of the lip-wear, dating back to November 2010 when she revealed black studded lips in her Do it Like a Dude video.  I must say I am not sure if i’m brave enough to go for the studded, it could get painful (and knowing my luck i’d probably end up swallowing one and choking on it by accident!).

Jessie J flying the flag on BGT
Jessie's studden lips in her 'Do It Like a Dude' video
I’m looking for something new to wear out for my friends birthday celebrations this Saturday, but the more I google them the more I am wondering if I should jazz up my outfit like this... They are being sold at Selfridges, and I have just been sent a 20% off code... decisions decicions!

Check out the Violent Lips for Selfridges range:

VIOLENT LIPS Temporary lip tattoo – red glitterati VIOLENT LIPS Temporary lip tattoo – pink glitterati VIOLENT LIPS Temporary lip tattoo – coral polka dot VIOLENT LIPS Temporary lip tattoo – red & pink heartVIOLENT LIPS Temporary lip tattoo – silver glitterati VIOLENT LIPS Temporary lip tattoo – purple polka dot VIOLENT LIPS Temporary lip tattoo – coral cheetah VIOLENT LIPS Temporary lip tattoo – hello VIOLENT LIPS Temporary lip tattoo – gold glitterati
The link to the Selfridges site is here and a couple are also being sold on asos too!

So tell me – would you use lip transfers?  If you already have, let me know your thoughts!


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