Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Britain and Irelands Next Top Model Live

This post is SO overdue, I have been so busy lately!

Last Sunday I got tickets to Britain and Irelands Next Top Model Live, and I have finally managed to sort out the pictures for it.  I think i've written about this previously, but it was an awesome day and I got lots of good beauty products at totally bargainous prices! 

Charlie got 'spotted' by a hair model, perhaps he'd
seen her hair style somewhere before?

Me with 2 lazy eyes next to the mental Christmas jumpers!

We decided it would be rude not to have a picture taken with these guys -
look at the sheer ORANGENESS of the guy on the right!

Charlie in heaven, surrounded by Vans!

Our friend Michelle got us some tickets for this so I want to give her a great big shout out - really appreciate it!  As you can see from the pictures it was held in part of the Excel centre and I swear to God it was HUGE!  The right side of the room was all beauty stalls, and the left was the fashion section.  They had a nice range of stalls; make up brands I had heard of (NYX, Jelly Pong Pong, Lauren's Way, Helen-E etc) and Fashion brands I had also heard of (Max C, Amy Childs' clothing range, Miss Selfridge, Junk Food) but they had a nice mix of little boutique stalls as well, and plenty of vintage for me to get my fix!

There was also a fashion show we got tickets for, starring all the models that were on the BNTM TV show.  I've attached some pictures, it was REALLY hard to get decent pictures on my rubbish little digital camera because of the lighting in there so you'll have to bare with me...

Jo happy with her St Moritz bargains!

This was the presenter, i'm not sure what her name
was but her dress was AMAZING - I instantly
fell in love with it!
 So when the models first came out they were modelling extravagant wedding dresses and some of them were UN-REAL.  I managed to get some (fuzzy) pictures:

This was my favourite dress, check
out the beautiful tiered skirt!

The train on this wedding dress looked awesome
as she walked down the runway, loved the short tutu
style skirt at the front too!

Awesome hot male dancer, one of many!

Bluey Robinson performed, but we didn't know who he was
- check out Charlie's face!

I loved the dress here, I found the whole look
very 'SATC Samantha'

I know you can't really see the outfit here but I just
LOVED the picture!

After the wedding dress section there was a bit of a dance off between the models, and they split into a 'good vs bad' theme with half wearing white and half wearing black.  The dancers were actually really good and although I found it all a bit random, they did tie in quite nicely with the models!

The section coming up had a 'disco' theme and I loved most of the outfits coming out here...

ADORE the hairbow!

This was Jade, the BNTM winner's big entrance!

and finally on our way out, we spotted Amy Childs getting absolutely HOUNDED!

All in all we had an awesome day at BNTML - It's a perfect girly day out and some of the discounts and mark downs they were doing on products and clothes were unbelieveable!  It was worth going and hopefully they'll do another one next year!  The one thing that did disappoint me was that they didn't tell you any of the brands of clothes used in the Fashion Show.  I know the pieces were probably designer and horrendously expensive but there were a few bits I loved and really wanted to know where they were from :(

I'll do a seperate post about the stalls and the products I bought, rushing this post as it is!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures! xx


  1. Hello I see you liked my Rust dress that Charlotte Holmes wore :-)

    Joey Bevan

  2. Hi Joey

    Was that your design? I've just checked out your website, loving your work and yes I thought that dress was beautiful! :)