Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice Collection

Just a quick one, i'm trying to post this before the countdown runs out (you'll understand what I mean when you continue reading!)

Models Own are releasing 5 new nail polishes this morning, labelled the ‘Beetlejuice Collection’.  The polishes are all made the same, 4 ‘pearlescent’ colours mixed together to create one shade.  You know those really expensive cars you see on Gran Tourismo that have the paint job where the colour changes in different lights?  Think that on your nails.

As you probably all know I am a huge fan of Models Own polish anyway, and these colours are amazing.  They have been running a countdown on the website until these become available and you’ll be pleased to know, they go on sale in approx 4 minutes!

Check out the link and if you get any let me know what colours you go for!  I would LOVE to purchase but I am desperately trying to save for my holiday so I can't really justify non-necesseties - Although as soon as I DO get my hands on some i’ll be posting a review !


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