Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sleep Talkin' Man...

Morning everyone,

So today I get into work and am greated by an email telling me to google Sleep Talkin' Man.  There is basically a blog that has been made by a woman who's husband sleep talks, and some of the things he says are HILARIOUS.  My internet at work is partially blocked (social networking sites, online music etc) so I can't see the whole blog, but from what I can work out she posts text of what he says as well as recordings of him saying it through the night.  Here are some of my favourite lines:

Aug 29th 2011 - "No you can't surprise me with a Catfish.  Stupid"

Aug 18th 2011 - "Live long and... tutti fruitti"

Aug 16th 2011 - "Oh! It's a poltergoat. A poltergoat! You can't see 'em, but you find all your clothes chewed. If you listen carefully, you may hear a ghostly baaaahhhhh. Poltergoat! Baaaahhhhhhh."

Aug 12th 2011 - "Oh, for god's sake. Your cat is eating my watermelon. Oh! It ate the whole thing! All gone."

July 31st 2011 - "No. No, no, no, no! Oh, for crying out loud, who told you you could lick the church?!"

The adventures of Sleep Talkin' Man are posted on a daily basis, so I am assuming that this guy sleep talks every night, and a LOT.  To read his nightly ramblings and listen to them (if your company is more relaxed than mine), go to  - Comedy GOLD.

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