Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Don't leave me this way...

Apologies for the lack of blog love recently, had a busy weekend (as always) and then various issues prevented me from having the dedicated time needed to actually produce a half interesting blog post...

It's officially Autumn in London now.  To be fair as most of my readers are from London you'll all be aware that the weather has been acting like it's Autumn since the middle of August :( 

I had the day off work on Monday as over the weekend i'd had really bad tooth ache that prevented me from sleeping, so on Monday morning I was like a zombie.  As well as being extremely incompitent and rude, the dentist surgery I go to isn't open at the weekend and does not allocate any time for emergency appointments.  On Monday morning, after a grand total of 1 hours sleep, I made the decision to stay off work and hound the dentist until they agreed to see me - I didn't get an appointment, the earliest they could give me was 2.35pm yesterday but I did manage to have a good session with my new nail varnishes. 

I find painting my nails theraputic and love attempting different patterns etc.  I used to bite my nails which is an awful habit.  I had tried for years to stop, using every method possible, from painting my nails in the hope I wouldn't bite them and spoil the paint (didn't work) to painting that horrible tasting stuff onto them (that didn't work either, it'd wear off after about 5 minutes).  2 years ago I went to Egypt and while I was out there I got really ill from handling the money then biting my nails, and literally from that point onwards I just never bit them again - strange, but I think knowing that whatever was on my hands was SO dirty and putting it in my mouth had made me THAT ill put me off (understandably).   

Anyway, so i've attached some pictures of my favourite nail varnishes and the different looks I like to go for.  You probably all know by now that my favourite nail varnish brand is Models Own.  I used to be quite attached to Nails Inc, but I found it chipped too easily and Models Own is slightly thicker so sometimes I just whack on 2 coats and it's good to go.  They have some of the most gorgeous summery colours too, which is good for perking me up on these horrible windy days :(

First off my favourite - Models Own  - Lilac Dream
I love this colour as it's still a lovely colour pop for your nails
but it still relatively subtle - I wear this to work and no one
bats an eyelid!

My other favourite - Models Own - Fuzzy Peach
I picked this colour at the start of the summer as
everyone was doing coral nails - This might look
coral, but it's actually a watered down orange - perfect
again for a slight colour pop & being a bit different!

Next up, No 17 Fast Finish - Moonstruck
I like this as it's a very metallicy silver - It goes
on your nails extremely well, the picture above is
just 1 coat, and the brush is so easy to use!

Gosh  - Silver Star
I love this nail polish - 1 coat over another colour
just gives it a nice shimmery tone, but if you layer this
varnish on with 3 or even 4 coats it ends up
being a full on hardcore glitter fest!
Barry M - Yellow
I'm not normally a fan of yellow, but I love how
bright this is - only 2 coats to get the colour
above, and it's a lovey colour to have for your holiday!

Revlon Matte Suede - Emerald City
Last year I desperately wanted some dark nail
varnish and I got this little gem as a christmas present. 
Dark enough to be subtle at work, yet still a bit more interetsing
than black, I love the matte effect too!
Models Own - Lilac Dream & Barry M Crackle Effect in Black
I think the crackle effect nail varnishes are good,
but only when teamed with a really bright outstanding
colour - I normally have this on my nails when I want
to go for a good old colour clash with an outfit!
More Models Own love - Sophie's Pink & Feeling Blue
I love the mix of these two colours together,
it's hard to feel blue with these lovely colours on my hands!
Swiped this picture off my phone, sometimes you
just can't decide on one colour - so have them all!
All Models Own - Lilac Dream, Fuzzy Peach,
Jade Stone, Sophie's Pink & Feeling Blue
Tipex! and Barry M Crackle Effect in Black
Another one from my phone, had just bought
the crackle effect and wanted to try it out - so
much so that I painted my nails with tipex at work
and whacked it on top - I like to call them my cow nails!
Rimmel Fast Finish - Stiletto Red & more Tipex!
As the tipex thing worked so well, the next time I
was quiet at work I decided to adorn my red
nails with spots, creating my favourite
Toadstool nails!
Models Own - Jade Stone & WAH Nails nail art pen in Black
I had this for my holiday, as I liked how bright the underlying colour is,
but it's still toned down slightly by the black - the two
together create an awesome pattern <3
 Let me know what ones are your favourites!

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