Thursday, 1 September 2011

Winter wonderland

Just been out on lunch and am inspired to do a post regarding winter fashion (sorry boys).  Have seen so many lovely pieces out this year already, it's almost making me excited about my wardrobe - I just have to buy these bits first :)
Adore this bag, the colour is BEAUTIFUL
Briefcase bag in Raspberry - River Island - £35
These boots make me want to go and find a hells angel :)
Studded Biker Boot - ASOS - £295

These shoes are BEAUTIFUL, loving the buckle detail
Blue Suede Boots - River Island - £100

This just makes me want to grab my friends,
sit in front of a fire at a pub and drink wine - anyone else?
Sheepskin & Suede jacket - River Island - £45

This chunky cardigan is lovely for brighening
up those dull winter days :)
Red Peace Checker Knit - Makin Jan Ma for ASOS - £260

I adore this, it's a hat & a scarf <3
Fuzzy bear leopard and snowflake hat - River Island - £32

This coat is lovely and sophisticated, perfect for
trying to look glam in gale force winds and snow!
Black and White Leather Mac - Topshop - £85

Just a plain old pair of skinny jeans, but a lovely
colour pop if mixed with winter knits & Uggs
Coral Skinny jeans - Whistles for ASOS - £80

I love jeans from Whistles.  As much as I don't even buy ANYTHING from there, I have purchased a pair of Whistles jeans from ASOS before and they fitted like a glove - sometimes it's worth paying the extra just to make sure you get a decent pair that fit you well and last a decent amount of time.  Jeans that don't fit you properly do absolutely nothing for anyone, I can vouch for that!

The Heritage trend is really big at the moment, they have style guides on ASOS and Topshop at the moment.  It's very Country Glamour, and luckily enough my camel cape I bought last year still fits into this trend nicely, it's just worn with different trousers and accessories now.

If anyone has spied any other lovely winter knits let me know, I want to bulk out my wardrobe with all of them!


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