Monday, 19 September 2011

Manic Monday

*Sigh* Monday again, the weekends go so quickly!

I had a lovely weekend, Friday night I was out with a friend and we went to a few bars near where I live – had a lovely time, and saw lots of people I hadn’t seen for a while which was nice!  Saturday I just chilled out and slowly got ready for my night out – I love having nothing to do during the day so I can take my time!  I’m sure any boys reading this would be disgusted, but I started getting ready around midday on Saturday, and left my house at 7.30pm – 7 and a half hours getting ready is quite good going J  I did take my time though, it wasn’t just me being vain!

The outfit I was wearing on Saturday was pretty plain so I wanted to do something nice with my nails.  I found a tutorial online on how to do leopard nails, (you can watch it here) and although I had an idea of how to do it before I watched it, it really helped!!  I love how clumsy and down to earth the blogger doing it is too – She made me laugh a LOT!   Here’s a picture of my nails after my first attempt:

Models Own Yas-Mint
Models Own Lilac Dream
Bourjois Liner Feutre Eyeliner in Noir

It was quite hard to do, especially on my right hand as i’m not that skilled at left handed nail art, and I also picked up an AWESOME tip.  The bit I found the hardest to do was the black around the edges.  I have the WAH Nails Nail Art pen, but I still didn’t think it was easy.  The blogger in this video said that she used black eyeliner instead of nail varnish, and it dawned on me that I have an eyeliner that is basically a black felt tip – the minute I had this revelation I tried it and it was so much better.  All you have to do is apply the eyeliner, wait for it to try completely and then cover the nail in a top coat to stop it from wearing off – then you’re good to go!

Anyway, so we went out on Saturday night, and I totally LOVED the outfit my friend wore.  She went for the clashing look and although it was nothing too drastic I think she looked lovely – I adored her top too, the whole outfit is a product of the new Westfield Stratford City shopping centre (it’s literally 15 minutes from ours houses) – can’t wait to attack that on payday!

Top:  Forever 21 £11.99
Skirt: Forever 21 £18.99
Boots:  Tophop £69.99

Playsuit:  Topshop £39.99
My shoes:  Aldo £70

Oh, before I forget I also tested the HD Brows compact from my Glossybox on Saturday – it’s good but i’m not sure if I have the right colours for my hair.  In my pallete I have white (obviously for highlighting the underneath of the brows), a lightish brown, a REALLY dark black and a beigey off white colour.  None of the light colours really covered my eyebrows well, obviously because they are black, but the black was too much – it made my eyebrows REALLY thick and look like they had been tattooed on.  In the end I used the black as eyeliner (as the product is made for your eyebrows it doesn’t smudge, therefore is brilliant as eyeliner as it doesn’t budge an INCH) and then just used the excess on the brush to fill in my brows.  Perhaps i’d just whacked too much on!  SO, as reviews go this isn’t amazing as I suspect I just didn’t use the product properly but if anyone is interested my tip is to use it as eyeliner.  It managed to survive drinking, dancing, sweating and planking (don’t ask!) and it lasted a good 12 hours plus – that’ll give you an indication of what time I got to sleep yesterday morning!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too J

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