Thursday, 22 September 2011

Autumn/Winter 2011

One of my favourite things in the world is to pour over the Fashion section of the Telegraph’s website on a daily basis.  I even love the little ‘fashion’ tagline at the top (it looks like a women’s arm wearing a sheer dress with black polka dots all over it – it’s the simple things that make me smile), so was very excited to see their article regarding the new seasons trends from A-Z.  Here are my picks of the best:

C is for... Chelsea Boots – I adore Chelsea boots – I’ll be wearing mine with tights, rolled down socks, frilly skirts and massive chunky knits ALL THROUGH WINTER.  Can’t wait to purchase a pair of these bad boys on payday

G is for.... Grunge – As always, winter rolls round and the winter staple colours (dark velvet greens, greys, browns and the fashion standard black) all roll out and all of a sudden fashion gets a lot... classier?  Love the grunge look anyway, mix these colours with big knits, chunky boots and LOTS of kohl eyeliner J

Q is for... Quilting – Yes that’s right, you can yank last seasons Barbour jacket out the back of the wardrobe, quilting is back.  There’s something very early 90’s school girl about quilting (I had an ACE quilted semi puffa jacket that I used to ADORE) but I think dressed in the right way it can also be flattering and very stylish.  Just don’t team it with knee high white socks and a grey school skirt and you’ll be onto a winner..

U is for... Ugg – None of the standard Ugg’s you’re thinking off, Ugg have smartened up and released a luxury collection and some of the handbags are amazing!

Read the rest of the article here:  The New Season from A-Z

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