Friday, 23 September 2011

Kitteh oh arrrr

I'm sorry for this, but as it's Friday I am now going to innundate you with CUTE.

First off, pirate cats - I love the fact that most of these cats look more pissed off then I do on a Monday morning!

Aarrrgghhh! The kittens have managed to change their meows to 'aarrggghhs' in their attempt to become pirates
Kitteh Jack Sparrow?

Three legged puss: This pirate cat was left with a wooden leg after fighting enemies at sea... well, perhaps more of a loo roll leg than a wooden one
It must have taken a decent amount of effort to get that toilet roll holder over his leg :(

That's one big claw! This kitten was snapped sporting a hook for a paw, which is sure to cause a lot more damage that his usual claw
Cutest cat ever?

Do you like my hat? These sly cats show off their pirate accessories as they pose for the camera
Loving el natural beard

Careful, you might end up being lunch! A parrot sits on this pirates tail, but could soon become a meal for the kitty
These cats could not be more annoyed if they tried

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