Wednesday, 14 September 2011

So much to blog about today!  I love days like this, where I get into work and get sent lots of lovely things that I can put on my blog J

Top of my list is nail trends from Fashion Week.  You all probably know by now that I love nail art and painting my nails, so when this fell into my inbox I was very interested to see what the designers did with the nails this year.  Some of the nail art was amazing, subtle enough to let the clothes do their job and tell the story, but enough to compliment them.  Here are some of my faves:

Can’t beat a good orangy red to set the tone, love how exact it matches with the lipstick - you can always count on OPI

Reverse manicure papped outside a show.  I like this because it’s subtle and bold at the same time.  Probably added a lot to the outfit without over powering at all – good look for work J

Not sure who this was courtesy of, but I ADORE the transparent tips – The lace design on the actual nail is lovely too, again another subtle look with a strong feel to it – something to replace the French manicure I think...

Not exactly ground breaking nail art but this photo made it in here purely because I think the shade of this polish is beautiful.  It’s perfect for autumn, a lovely apparent colour without being too bright – my new fave, Butter London “Tea with the Queen”

This is right up my street – Can’t beat statement nails and with colours as bold as this, this look is perfect for the weekend.  Love the precision on the artwork, this is something that shouldn’t be attempted when accompanied with wine and friends on a girly night in!

Lastly, a quick snap of a DIY nail design from Real L.A girls.  Love the fact the design isn’t perfect and looks a bit rushed, think it adds to the quirkiness of it all.  I’ll be trying this design later when I get home!

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