Friday, 2 September 2011

Keeping up with the horror theme...

This is horrifying.  Finnish artist Mari Kasurinen has spent most of his time getting My Little Ponies and dressing them up in disturbing outfits... here are some of the best:
Predator Pony
Batpony & Robin

Lady Gapony
My Little Pony by Mari Kasurinen
Jack Spony

Darth Pony
and now for 2 of the most terrifying models of ANYTHING I have ever seen...:

Joker Pony

Edward Scissorpony

Could the Edward Scissorhands one be any creepier?  Seriously!


  1. These made me laugh so much! Especially the last one! :) but yeah, kinda creepy!

  2. I think they are horrible! Thanks for reading :)