Friday, 2 September 2011

Fancy Dress

For Halloween I am going to a event called Mulletover, and I am really excited about it already!  It's going to be ace, and we know a few boys that went last year and said it was excellent.  Everyone really goes to town with the fancy dress, and I am trying to think of good ideas now so I have plenty of time to sort myself out for it.

There are a few ideas that are obvious, but I want to do something where I really have to dress up and look different.  For obvious reasons I could go as Morticia, but the outfit and the make up is quite boring:

Rubies Fancy Dress Costume - Morticia Addams Family - Adult Medium - UK Size 10-
The best Morticia outfit I can find...?
Another idea I had was the little thing on the tricycle from Saw, but that would involve me actually buying a tricycle and riding it around all night - That would be massive bants, but it could also be really annoying having to carry that trike around with me?

I totally already have the hair for this

Another idea I really liked and think the outfit and make up could potentially be EPIC was Lady Gaga, but as this is a Halloween fancy dress thing it's not particularly scary... well, I know she IS scary, but not in a horror film way, in a really annoying ugly way:

I like the outfit on the right, but it's short and I could
look like a total beast - LOVE the wig though!

My last idea is to go as the Corpse Bride, and this is an outfit I could potentially make myself - the make up would be awesome too, white face, dark eyes, heavy make up. 

Obviously I couldn't get my waist as thin as that...

If you've got any awesome ideas for ladies scary fancy dress i'd totally welcome them... there just aren't any scary girls in horror films with awesome outfits, it's annoying!


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