Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I PROMISE I'm not a stalker

Before I start this post, I would like you all to know that I am dedicating it to my friend Charlie.  She gave me the courage and instilled a sense of panic in me that meant if she was not with me at lunch today, the below story would not have been possible.  She also bought me a Chicken salad baguette from Greggs for lunch because i’m skint, so thanks for that bab J

So, this week is London Fashion Week and obviously there are a few celebrities knocking about London at the moment.

I’m really busy at work but I had to go and meet Charlie in Covent Garden briefly at lunch time.  There was a big show going on at the Royal Opera House, and as we walked past we saw Millie from Made In Chelsea (although she can only loosely be referred to as a celebrity) and then Matt Baker from The One Show outside the Savoy.  Matt was standing in our way and apologised, so we laughed and walked round him – only THEN did we realise he was actually being filmed walking down the road with a HUGE backpack (????) and we were standing directly in the way of the cameras.  If I’m on The One Show getting in the way of Matt Baker, I am literally going to die.  I normally see famous people around where I work anyway, but 2 within 10 minutes of each other was a bit random.  I had no idea THE BEST WAS YET TO COME.

Therefore, the UCSOTD (Ultimate Celebrity Spot Of The Day) has to be Rick Edwards, the ex T4 Presenter.  I don’t even really know how it started, but basically we follow each other on Twitter and we talk quite a bit.  He’s one of these celebrities who is nice and normal and doesn’t think he’s too good to reply to you, therefore you can have a normal human conversation.  He is also very funny. (n.b. he hasn’t paid me to write this, honest).  Anyway, I was walking down the road just about to drop my friend Charlie back at her office, and I see Rick standing in front of me.  This is how the conversation went...

(N) – Me     (C) – Charlie    (R) – Rick

N – “Oh my EFFING GOD that is Rick Edwards walking towards us!!!!!!!”

C – “What?  Where?  Oh my god, oh my god” *grabs my arm* “YOU HAVE TO TALK TO HIM YOU HAVE TO TALK TO HIM!!!!!!”

N – “What, what can I say?  I’ll sound like an idiot”

C – I don’t know but you’ll regret it FOREVER if you don’t talk to him!  If you don’t say something I will!!!!”

N – “Go on then” *turns away and doesn’t know whether to run, hide or jump on him* (obviously I didn’t indulge in any of these options)

C - *bottles it* argh I don’t know what to say!!!!  QUICK!”

N – “RICK!  RICK!!!”

R - *turns around* “HI” *smiles* *waves*

N – “Hiya, sorry, can I have a picture taken with you please?”

R – “Oh, i’m sorry I’m really late....”

(Charlie doesn’t give him a chance to finish)

C – “She’s Morsh, Queen Morsh off Twitter!!!”

R – “What?”

N – “I AM QUEEN MORSH” *seas part, clouds disperse, children scream, old ladies hide, birds fall out of the sky*

R - *thinks about it for a second, then a look of realisation spreads across his face*

Bless him, he then came back across the road and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek – we had our picture taken, and then me BEING THE TOTAL IDIOT PLEBBY DOUCHEBAG THAT I AM thanked him, apologised for holding him up and actually said “i’ll tweet you later!” – It was meant to be a joke but it just came out with me sounding like a weird stalkery nobhead.  Bless Rick though, he was lovely and polite and chatty, and then said “Yeah of course, bye, nice to meet you”, waved and walked away.  Then he tweeted me saying “that was exciting” which again just shows how down to earth he is - I am chuffed I got to meet him though, it’s nice meeting famous people and realising they are just normal.

FYI Girls he is extremely hot in real life, and his height just makes him better (in my book anyway, and my book is THE RULE BOOK so take note).

Check this out! J

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