Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Cosmo Blog Awards

Although I am relatively new to this whole blogging thing, my friends have been really supportive with it and have encourage me to enter the Cosmo Blog Awards 2011. 

I've had a really good response from people via Twitter regarding my blog.  I know most blogs are solely focused on fashion, or beauty, or music, but as I have a keen interest in all 3 (as well as random things - see Rabbit Show Jumping below) I like to blog about them all. 

I just wanted to post to say thanks to everyone that reads my blog, whether you comment/follow or not.  Also, if you could just take 2 minutes of your time to vote for me at the Cosmo awards i'd really appreciate it.  I love blogging and knowing that people read it and enjoy it makes it all worth while!

Smoochies x

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