Friday, 23 September 2011

BOO: The life of the world's cutest dog!

This dog is insane.

There is a dog out there, wandering around the US who is so CUTE it actually makes me want to vomit.  Meet Boo, America's most famous dog.

Internet sensation: Boo is a five-year old Pomeranian that has amassed 1.8m fans on Facebook
Schleepy Boo <3
Kim Kardashian has blogged about him and Ke$ha has said he's her new boyfriend (he'd better get tested for something then).

Some of the pictures have had me in absolute hysterics, and he is now a big hit in my office.  Apparantly pre fame, his hair was so matted they couldn't run a brush through it, so he got shaved - the cutest was born.  Check these pictures out:

Charitable: Boo promotes the We Day movement, an initiative for children
Charity Boo

Shy guy: Despite Boo's popularity, his owner has chosen to stay anonymous and uses the pseudonym J.H Lee
Drawer Boo

Boo's unique look was a happy accident - his long hair was so tangled, the groomers had to shave it all off
Monkey Boo
Suited and booted: Boo is looking smart
Prom Boo


Give us a smile: Boo wearing an Operation Smile hat
I can't even explain this one
Boo has a BOOK out - you can basically look at loads of pictures of him walking around, living his life and having epic fun - If you like him on Facebook (along with 1.79million other fans) you can even watch a video of him having a birthday party.

This is Friday happiness at it's BEST.  Boo, I <3 you.

*UPDATE*  Ok this just gets even more mental - there is a website, dedicated to Boo that is NOT SET UP BY HIS OWNER.  You can look at pictures, read all about Boo, take the quiz and buy his Boo-k.

You have to look at this:  BOOOOOOOOOO

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