Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Forever is over...

So, Summer is over and I am officially depressed today.

My summer ended epically, just as it started and continued.  I had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend :)

On Friday I went to visit my sister and we took my lovely niece Tilly swimming, then I got the train home ready to go out for a friensd 21st on Friday night. 

Saturday was nice and chilled during the day, then I attend my friends fathers 50th birthday at hers, so again was nice and chilled.  Her dad is so funny and loves the pictures of me planking so he did it himself, and we ended up making a planking waffle - 4 guys on the bottom, 3 girls planking on top of the guys and then 2 more girls on top of the 3 girls in the middle.  Crazy!

On Sunday we were all headed to SW4 - Had a lovely breakfast of crossaints and champagne, then headed to Clapham Common for the festival.  Saw a few people we knew in there which was cool, and we all had a really good time.  The weather could have done with being a bit nicer though, was freezing by the time the sun went in!
On Monday we woke up and went for a late lazy lunch, I ate SO MUCH I could barely move!  Stopped off for ice cream on the way home and spent the rest of the afternoon chilling watching Home Alone - it actually got me in the mood for Christmas! 
All in all had a lovely weekend, and i'm just SO sad that that's it for summer now.  I have been to loads of gigs, festivals, had an amazing holiday and LOADS of awesome nights out.  At least I have a fair few things to look forward to in Winter :)

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