Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Dizzee, my head is spinning...

So, today is Wednesday - I have OFFICIALLY made it half way through the week.  This week has so far been such a monumental pain in the ass that I just had to book Friday off as holiday.  I don't think I could have coped with more than 3 days of work.

I think I am still recovering from everything I have done this month.  August is normally always pretty good for me as my birthday is right smack bang in the middle of it, but this August has been particularly great.  The first week of August I went to Ibiza, then I got back and 2 days later we all went out at the weekend to celebrate my 25th birthday, then the week after that was the weekend just gone which involved the beach and V.  I would like to say I am going to take it easy and chill this weekend but i'm not - come on, i've got to round off August in style, go out with a bang and all that!

As I said before, I have booked this Friday off as holiday.  The plan is to go down to my sisters early on Friday morning (or tomorrow night after work, haven't decided what to do yet) and just chill, then on Friday morning we are going to take my niece Tilly swimming.  Afterwards i'll have lunch with them and then hot foot it back to Essex in time to go out for my friend Leanne's 21st birthday on Friday night.  We're just going to the pub and then a cool 80's bar near us, and it should be a good, cheap, DRUNKEN night.  Saturday is going to be pretty chilled as we're all going to SW4 on Sunday.  SW4 is a dance festival held in Clapham Common and this year I am going with the same girls I went to Ibiza with, so we should have a good time raving in the field just like we're back at Space Sundays :)

Monday should be pretty relaxed, I think if the weather is nice a big group of us are going to go to Colchester Zoo.  I LOVE going to the Zoo, when I was with my ex we actually had a gold card there so we could go as many times as we liked within 1 year and we seriously went there all the time!

Hopefully Saturday night and Monday night will both be early nights for me, if not next week i'll be DEAD.  I don't know how I am going to cope with a 5 day working week after this month, I haven't had a 5 day week since July!

I get paid tomorrow too, and I cannot wait!  I have seen SO many lovely things in the shops I want to buy.  My friend sorted out our V tickets for next year, so I am going to save half the money for that from this months pay and the other half from next months, leaving me more time to buy lots of lovely things!  Here are a few of the things i've got my eye on...
Image 1 of Ash Extreme Bucked Heeled Hiking Boots
I LOVE these, but they are slightly too expensive for
me this month *sad face*
ASSO - £205

Image 1 of ASOS Sequin Moustache Top
We all know by now I have a passion for moustaches -
It doesn't get much better than this!!
ASOS - £20

I'm also quite liking this for SW4 on Sunday
Sale - Topshop - £20

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