Monday, 17 October 2011

Twitter Competition

Today I have been having a conversation with one of my twitter followers (@edsbrother) about how easy it is to lose followers and how hard it is to gain them.  I have lost 55 followers in one week, and the conversation today all started with me saying that if I had never lost a follower I would have over at thousand of them by now at least.

Followers are by all means NOT the be all and end all and neither is Twitter, but we have both decided to enter into a little competition.  Our aim is to be the first person who can get to 1,000 followers, and if we can do so by Christmas.

I say it’s a competition because the person that pushes one of us over the 999 mark will win a prize.  We are not going to disclose what this prize is, it could be good or it could be stupid, but it’ll be something we will send to you in the post as a thank you.  It is not a competition in terms of me being pitted against @edsbrother  - I do not wish for him to fail, he is a good, entertaining tweeter and I like following him so I hope he succeeds in this massively geeky quest – I just hope I get there first ;)

The conditions are:  We are allowed to be pimped out by our followers (we’ll more than likely heavily rely on this) and we are able to use #FF’s to the best of our advantage.  We will also be conserving our energy and trying to be the funniest, most entertaining tweeters we can be, as there’s no point in doing all this and then being massively boring.  Alternatively, we are NOT allowed to use automatic following systems, or that horrifically retarded #teamfollowback gash.  This is also not BEGGING for followers, as we are aware that people will only follow us based on the quality of our tweets, not because of this blog post.  This is just a light hearted competition.

Anyway, all of you reading this probably follow me already – if you could RT this blog post and spread the word as to what we are doing, we’ll see who’s victorious.  Just remember that as good, entertaining and nice as @edsbrother is, ultimately I am better and if you follow him and not me YOU ARE A DOUCHE ;)

(If this doesn’t lose me followers it’ll be a miracle).


  1. A prize?

    Should I unfollow you and then re-follow when you get to 999?

  2. No because then your prize will be dog shit through your letterbox :)