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Glossybox: October 2011

Today I received my second Glossybox.  To get a bit of variation I have asked one of my friends to also review the box.  Charlie has not received a box, but her work friend has so I asked her to have a look through Penny's box and tell me her thoughts on the products having not paid for them, and her thoughts on whether she would be subscribing to Glossybox having seen the quality and contents first hand.  


So first up, the Dermalogica bits:

Multivitamin Thermafoliant, Renewal Lip Complex,
Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque & toiletry bag
Nikki:  The one thing that concerned me with these products was that all of the bottles were labelled AGE Smart – i’m not exactly a spring chicken but at the age of 25 i’m not sure if I would fall under the ‘age awareness’ category for skin care?  Anyway, I have a feeling the recovery masque and multivitamin thermafoliant (basically super duper exfoliant) will come in handy after a heavy weekend when i'm hanging like a bat.  The Lip Complex will be good as in winter my lips can be quite dry and chapped.  Overall I am impressed with the apporpriate timing of this, and with the products.

Charlie:  I have used Dermologica in the past and have nothing but good things to say about it so I would definitely use these if I had a Glossybox. I have sensitive skin and their products have been fine for me in the past. Loving that it comes with a case as well, these mini sets are about £15 I think so it’s a bargain.

Next up is the Robert Piguet perfumes:

Nikki:  I’ve had a quick smell of them and i’m not sure if they are totally up my street.  The ‘Visa’ scent is incredibly strong.  Calypso is lovely, it’s my favourite one out of the three but I don’t think it’s something I would have purchased off my own back – it’s just not my typical scent – I also quite liked Fracas, but I don’t think i’ll be wearing any of them on a night out.  Nikki's favourite perfume is Jean Paul Gautier Summer Limited Edition.

Charlie:  I didn’t get to smell the perfumes but I had never heard of the brand which immediately doesn’t do anything for me.  I don't think i'd buy it if I was in a shop, or even bother to smell it.  Charlie's favourite perfume is D&G Light Blue.

Next is the Leighton Denny nail varnish:

Leighton Denny Varnish in Sex Kitten
Nikki:  I am slightly disappointed with the colour.  The bottle is full size which is good, but i'm not a fan of pale blue varnish, it seems more appropriate for someone older than I am as I like bright nail colours.  I’ll give this varnish a go as I might change my mind with the colour once it’s on, but even if I don’t it’ll be good to see the texture of it, the coverage it gives and if it chips easily – if the product is that good and the only thing I don’t like is the colour at least i’ll have another option for varnish brands apart from Models Own <3

Charlie:  The colour is not bold enough for me.  I wear pretty much any colour on my hands or feet but this was too metallic for my liking.  I like bold, bright stand out colours, whereas this feels like it's a bit more suitable for a middle aged woman!!

Lastly we have the Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner (the picture of it it drawn on my hand, as the casing didn't show the colour it came out on skin):

Nikki:  This was a huge disappointment to me as it was the one thing I was looking forward to receiving but THE COLOUR – I don’t know about you, but I haven’t worn eyeliner in novelty shades since I was about 12?  I can handle a bit of dark blue with the right outfit, but this is bright green?  Maybe applied in the right way with the right attire this could be nice, but why can’t they just give us black - everyone would have been happy with black?  Anyway when I applied it to my hand I could see it was well pigmented and easy to apply - hopefully will be as easy on my eyelids as it was on my hand!

Charlie:  I like the thickness of the eyeliner, it draws like a pen and seems lke it would be easy to use, but it's khaki?  I mean who wears khaki eyeliner?  If it was black I would definitely use it or even dark blue, but not khaki.  

Overall opinion

Nikki:  All in all I have received no products that I would buy myself in the shops.  I know this is kind of the idea of Glossybox, to receive new things you don’t already use in the hope that you’ll discover something amazing, but as yet I haven’t.  I can’t help feeling like it’s a bit pointless spending £12 a month to discover lots of products that I wouldn’t buy again?  I might have just been unlucky with when I started my subscription as some of the previous boxes seemed better.  People have received things like nail wraps, face masks and lipsticks etc, all things that I would more than happily use, but so far haven't received anything like that.  I feel like I can’t really judge it properly on just 2 boxes, so I might keep my subscription until Christmas and receive 2 more.  

Charlie:  My final opinion is that Glossybox is not for me based on this box.  This is mainly because of the colours of the products (the nail varnish and eyeliner).  I believe the Glossybox is worth the money, as you pay £12 in total a month and the Dermologica set is worth more than this on it's own, but apart from that I wouldn't use any of the other products.

If you have received your Glossybox this week i'd love to know your thoughts :)

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