Monday, 17 October 2011

Product Review: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Haven’t done this for a while, have been a bit wrapped up in real life at the moment but I am going to review a product (oooooooh) 

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs:  totally lived up to my expectations and is seriously one of the most helpful and amazing products I have ever used. 

I am not the sort of girl that is blessed with naturally nice legs.  You see these girls with perfect pins, not a mark on them, lovely and brown and slender and this isn’t me.  My legs are more likely to be covered in bruises from bundling on a night out, cut from falling over drunk or just abused through random (fun) activities.   My legs are also naturally a bit blotchy in places and don’t have a smooth texture to them (back down boys).

I had been thinking how awesome it would be for there to be a product just like foundation for your face, but for your body instead.  I have known about Sally Hansen for a while but short of reading the (albeit mixed) reviews online, hadn’t bought any.  The other week just before we went out my friend Jo had a similar product, bought from Victoria’s Secret in Vegas.  I tried some and the difference it made to my legs was AMAZING.  I decided Sally Hansen would be pretty much the same thing so I went and bought some from Boots.  At £9.95 for 1 bottle it’s not exactly the cheapest product ever, but I think it’s well worth the money.  I liked the fact it smoothed them out and made them slightly browner without the performance of having to have a spray tan.  Check out the results:


During - Right leg airbrushed
After - plastic legs!

I like this product, as you can see before my legs were slightly red in places and a bit blotchy.  The middle picture showing one leg airbrushed and the other not gives the best representation of the effects this product has.  I am AWARE that afterwards my legs look hugely orange but it was an awful light in my room (I did this quickly before I went out) and it was the best I can do.  The only downside to this product is that it has lots of glitter in it – it’s not too bad when you are out as no one pays that much attention to your legs up close, but I did find the next day that I had a fine mask of glitter all over my body including my face which was a bit annoying, and still have some on my hands today even though I have bathed and scrubbed since then.

All in all i’d give it 9/10 – If you want perfect pins on the quick then this is the answer for you – just don’t spray too much as you’ll end up looking like you’re made out of plastic – Essex Barbie is not a good look no matter what anyone says.

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