Thursday, 6 October 2011


So lately I have been struggling with a bit of writers block, and haven’t really had much inspiration for decent blog posts.  I go through phases of having loads of things to blog about and then I go through phases where I feel like everything I write will be rubbish and no one will be interested in it L  Luckily enough I had a bunch of awesome twitter followers who have got me back on the straight and narrow and given me something to ramble on about.

Yesterday I was trying to get inspiration for a Halloween fancy dress outfit (still no luck) and it lead me to ask my Twitter followers what the scariest film they have ever seen is.  I got LOTS of feedback, and to be honest with you I thought it was interesting.  There are a few people that commented that I had assumed would be scared of absolutely NOTHING, and there were a few films put down that I didn’t think were scary at all, as well as the ones i’ve never heard of (if I have the bottle i’ll have to check some of them out).  Halloween came out on top of the votes with 7 people naming it as the scariest film they have ever seen.  Personally, the scariest film i’ve ever seen has to either be Edward Scissorhands (I was far too young to watch it, didn’t understand that Edward is actually meant to be nice and gentle, and his look TERRIFIED ME) or The Strangers.  Even now if I go into my house late at night when everyone is asleep, thinking of The Strangers freaks me out...

Absolutely terrifying!
The Strangers
I love the fact I can use Twitter for things like this, whether it be material for my blog, gathering information or just having a chat with people.  I saw someone on Twitter had begun ‘interviewing’ their followers, and I LOVE the idea of that, it’s a shame I didn’t get there first really.  From what I can work out, once a week they have a chat with a follower and ask them all different types of questions and chuck it on their blog – again, I find that really interesting!

I think I might start a blog feature and ask my followers one question a week and get their responses.  I like being interactive with all of my followers, and incorporating them into my blog somehow – Twitter is the site I use the most to promote my blog, and I like the idea of giving the people that take the time to read it some sort of input into it.

I advertise my blog on Facebook but it’s not really the same.  I have a few people I am friends with on Facebook who read my blog (Hi Charlie, Goat, Jo, Richard and Julie!) but I like sending it out on Twitter into the great unknown, as the majority of people there that see it don’t know me.  That somehow makes it easier to write...

Anyway, the Scariest Film of All Time results in full, just in case you are interested J:

Scariest Film Ever – Halloween with 7 votes

2nd Place – The Strangers – 4 votes

3rd Place – The Ring with 3 votes

Tied 4th place with 2 votes each
The Shining
The Descent
American Werewolf in Paris
Paranormal Activity
Jacob’s Ladder
The Fog
The Blair Witch Project
Silence of the Lambs

Tied 5th, all with 1 vote each
Eden Lake
The Hills Have Eyes
The Machinist
Ghostbusters 2
Killer Clowns from Outer Space
Rosemary’s Baby
Village of the Damned
The Children
Dead End
The Innocents
Wolf Creek
Evil Dead
The Gate
The Fly
The Dark Crystal

Special thanks to the following Tweeters who shared their thoughts with me J

@MikeStants, @Porky999, @Jmur1983, @Weespekky, @Liammellor14, @danfardell, @Frankenstalk, @Daryllayton, @ResolutionCool, @Stillewatervin, @Polnyintdt, @P0lly, @theDGshow, @ChrisyL1, @TortyTweets, @LucidityDave, @EasilyTempted, @TummyCustard, @TheSleepyNinja, @Rsvjim, @ElizaDolally, @Charlie_Donaghy, @Scott161, @JonPK7, @Angryplumber, @EmmaLB91, @FinsteroffReg, @Will_Stallan, @TwoSoups, @SenorDawes, @NoAnswerFace, @RupertClash, @Mini-Rae, @LastWaltz, @BooNewton, @MrHenderson89, @TheFlyBlown, @K3ZZA7A, @Kai_who, @lauramillerpics, @SimonfromHarlow


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