Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I do NOT know what to do.

My workplace are currently offering Apple products at a discounted rate.  Basically, they split the cost over 2 years and you pay monthly, but it's also tax and national insurance free - I have no idea how, or even why, but I can have a iPad 2 for £17 a month.  Why are they doing this to me?  It's easily obtainable for me to do that, but then the annoying disapproving mum in my head keeps saying "but what would happen if you get sacked - how would you pay for it?".  I am totally bored of being responsible, I wish I could just buy it and deal with it.

Anywho, Apple are enticing me greatly this week.  Not only is the iPad 2 being dangled in front of my face like a big white shiny fun carrot, the iPhone 4S will make it's debut on Friday.  There are a few people in my office who have pre-ordered them already, but unfortunately my upgrade isn't available until April.  I think i'll wait for them to iron out the kinks anyway, undoubtedly there will be some!  The best thing about this new phone is the Siri application.  Some random bird that sits IN YOUR PHONE and waits for you to order her about, telling her to write text messages for you, and call people on your behalf and just basically do EVERYTHING!!!  Ok, it's not a person that sits in your phone, but it's exciting to say the least.  I know I am going to end up being really lazy and laying on my bed trying to get my phone to make me a bacon sandwich or something.  This development leads me to think that in the future this could actually happen though.  This might be the beginning of i-Robot coming true?!  *gasp face*

Anyway, scary robot thoughts over, the thing I am most excited about this week is the iOS 5 update for iPhones.  This is basically the next best thing to getting a new phone - I love it when a substantial update comes out and I get to play around with lots of new little features and aspects that I don't need, and easily lived without before but now they are OH SO IMPORTANT AND FUN.  The best aspects of the iOS 5 update are here:

Reminders?  Notification Centre?  iMessage?  Twitter Integration?  *wets self*

It seems they have developed a whole range of new features that don't exactly make your life BETTER, but it makes it a hell of a lot easier to sit in your kitchen and stuff your face full of chocolate and play The Sims while someone is inconvieniently trying to have a text conversation with you.  I am going to run home and update as it's out TODAY!  *party poppers*

That'll be me and my friends later - just not Chinese*

*There is nothing wrong with being Chinese, I just cannot BE it unfortunately... maybe in the future though *goes back to thinking about Robots taking over the world*

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