Monday, 3 October 2011

Last day of summer...

So everyone, it's the 3rd October and I have spent the last 3 days SUNBATHING.  I don't know about you but it's weekends like the one just gone that make me love Global Warming.

I had a lovely weekend just gone.  Went to my friend Keira's house on Friday night and just chilled out, watched the MOST AWFUL PROGRAM KNOWN TO MAN... yes I am talking about The Bachelor.  Following the dreamboat Gavin Henson on his quest to find another gob shite equal to Charlotte Church, the caliber of girls they have roped in for this program is truly terrifying - WHERE DID THEY FIND THEM?

Anyway, I could easily go on about that program all night but frankly I have more interesting things to talk about, like the specific colour of off white I am going to paint my bedroom.  MOVING ON, Saturday was spent chilling and meeting my friend from work for a spot of lunch.  Managed to get a bargain to wear out that night from a little shop just round the corner from her workplace (£15, for a leopard vest dress with flowy skirt, thank you please)

Went out on Saturday night and ended up in Faces (a standard for Essex, i'm sure if you've ever seen TOWIE you'll have heard of it).  It was so busy in there, and once we managed to convince the bouncers to let us in (my friend is a GOLD CARD MEMBER don't chaknow) we had a good night.  It was SO HOT in there, but we saw lots of people we know which was nice (a special mention to Goat who admitted he reads my blog! xx) and then ended up in Chinatown, a 24 hour chinese restaurant near by that we always go to when we are drunk after Faces - I'm surprised we aren't the size of houses considering we eat there after a night out most weekends!

Charlie & Me in the £15 dress!

Sunday was lovely, went over to Hainault Forest with a few friends.  We took a picnic and just basically ate and titted about doing acrobatics and taking loads of daft pictures (see below).  Then back to Charlie's for the X Factor / TOWIE standard Sunday night special!

Enjoy the pics and hopefully the weather (fingers crossed it carries on till next weekend!)


Jo, Charlie, Me and Bano - idiots

Me and Dan, you have no idea how long it took me to be able to do this!

Me and my bezzie, Charlie

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