Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Rejam at Basing House

Have been MIA a bit this week, still recovering from the weekend!  On Friday night I went to a club night in Shoreditch that some of my friends were hosting, and i'm sure if you follow me on Twitter you'll know I have been looking forward to this night for MONTHS.  

'Rejam' is a group of boys all bought together by a love of house music, and they are currently working on events and radio shows showing off their talents.  They hold parties in London every couple of months, and have a radio show they host every Thursday night at 8pm (details of how to listen to it below).  I was first introduced to the boys and the whole Rejam experience through my friend Dan and I fell in love with the whole idea.  I don't just support the boys because they are my friends, but also because I genuinely love their music and their whole passion for it.  The events I have been to are always really good and more importantly well run.  They genuinely appear to have a talent for this sort of thing, and I can see their nights gaining momentum and getting bigger and bigger.  

The Rejam family currently consists of 4 people, NPD, Jack Doyle, Glenn Pursey and Ben Gould, although the Rejam family appears to be getting bigger every day.  I for one manage their Twitter account, as I am on Twitter enough as it is anyway (and the boys didn't know how to use it!) and I genuinely want to help them get their message out there.  NPD and Jack Doyle are the resident DJs and they never fail to disappoint.  At the event on Friday they had some assistance from Peter Glasspool (who is well known on the London house music scene), and none other than Andrew Grant, resident DJ at DC10 in Ibiza.  With bookings like that, and the talent they already have within Rejam I can just tell that everyone that knows about Rejam already is lucky enough to be witness to something special... 

The boys totally smashed it on Friday night, the venue was Basing House in Shoreditch which was a small step up from their last venue.  Before it was held in Public Life in Shoreditch, a really cool venue that was initially a public toilet and then converted into a club.  The venue was cool but quite small, and with Rejam going from strength to strength it wasn't going to be long before the team had to branch out and get a bigger venue.  Enter Basing House...

I strongly reccomend listening to the radio show, I do every Thursday and the mixes are always awesome.  Sometimes it's NPD or Jack Doyle mixing and other times they get guest DJs in to mix, the likes of J Nelson, Peter Glasspool, Wollion and Terje Bakke to name a few.  You can download their previous mixes from iTunes, or listen to them on soundcloud at the link below - They'll also be putting up mixes from their most recent event on Friday soonish, sure to be awesome!

If you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook you'll know how much I go on about Rejam, but it's just because I really do think it's great.  The professional pictures from the party will be available shortly, so i'll chuck some of them up here when I see them.  In the meantime, if this post has caught your attention and you want to know more about Rejam, go to the following:

Rejam's Soundcloud Mixes:  http://soundcloud.com/rejam
Rejam's website:   http://www.rejammusic.com/
Radio Show (Thursdays, 8pm):  www.rejammusic.com/radiohtml
Rejam's Twitter:  www.twitter.com/rejammusic

The Rejam boys

Their advertising posters for their latest party at Basing House - 
Check out the Circo Loco Rejam face, paying homeage to Andrew Grant :)

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