Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Just a quick one today, I have been busy at work googling the Christmas Party.  As a laugh the other day I was talking to a member of IT about my search history on Google, and how funny it would be to see it back considering I google random things every day (mainly because of the WEIRD conversations I have with my colleagues).  He actually DID IT.  This is the (best of) the results.

1.  Christmas Parties for pikeys
2.  Dangermouse naked
3.  How long will it take to kick a towel to death?
4.  Jewish bread
5.  Nail varnish for amputees
6.  Why are iPhones so BENT?
7.  What is Cilla Black's hair height?
8.  What is the Queen's shoe size?
9.  Fish with a nose like a sword
10.  Can freckles be green?

That is a genuine list of things that have been googled by me within the last 6 months of me working here.  Granted some of them were a joke, or just to see what Google would come up with, but even so.  To someone that didn't know me, that list makes me look bat sh*t crazy. 

Toodles x

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