Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Summer Lovin'

It is SO cold in London today, it’s days like this that make summer seem like it was so long ago – I can’t even imagine standing in Hyde Park wearing shorts and a vest, sunbathing and drinking cider but that’s what I did.  I miss summer SO badly, I definitely prefer it to winter... I know this is an age old argument, therefore I have prepared a short number of bullet points to prove I AM RIGHT:

Pros for Summer
  • Can get a tan, and everyone looks better with a tan
  • More likely to go on holiday this time of year
  • Loads of outdoor festivals and gigs
  • When you wake up its light and sunny and makes work not seem that bad
  • When you get home from work it’s still light and makes the evenings seem longer as you want to go out and actually DO stuff
  • Can wear nice clothes without having to worry about carrying around a coat/ jumper etc
  • You don’t freeze to death waiting on a platform for a train in the morning – if anything when it’s hot it’s actually enjoyable
  • Minimal make up required due to tan
  • More social – pub gardens, festivals, gigs, outdoor activities
  • Actually take lunch breaks at work because you want to be outside
  • Camping!  Well, in our case glamping
  • Perfectly acceptable to dress up like a div at a festival and express your inner retard

Pros for Winter

  • Nice winter clothes and boots come out
  • Can wear a onesie without dying of heat exhaustion
  • It’s nearly Christmas and that means PRESENTS
  • The trains are not annoying sweat boxes of HELL
  • Clubs are better in the winter when you are INSIDE

THAT’S IT!  Even the Christmas bit is a null point as it just means you have to spend loads of money on presents and loads of money on going out and celebrating with EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU KNOW.  I can’t complain about that though, any excuse for a drink.

Anyway, that’s my winter whinge over and done with.  Today the eviction of Dale Farm is all over the news, and I genuinely do not know why anyone is even fighting their corner – Fair enough it’s their homes etc, but they are living on land that isn’t theirs?  If they had just stuck to the part of the area that they were allowed to live in then none of this would have happened, but they couldn’t do that.  Typical case of giving people an inch and they take a mile.  Also they are TRAVELLERS, therefore if they are to be evicted, then why don’t they just TRAVEL like they should be doing anyway?  They might moan about their kids going to a permanent school etc, but if they want to be settled in one place then they should get normal jobs, move into a normal house and live like normal people.  I have been bought up to know I can’t just decide to buy a caravan and sit in a field for the rest of my life, expecting to not contribute anything towards the running of this country, so why should they?  I feel no sympathy for them.  They have tied people up so if the bailiffs knock down the main wall to get into Dale Farm they will result in killing 3 people – That to me shows that they know deep down they are in the wrong.  If you were in the right why would you do that?  If you had a fair argument and you knew that the minute you were listened to people would understand your plight and something would be done, then you wouldn’t have to put people’s lives on the line.  My Big Fat Gypsy Eviction has already descended into chaos and think how much this is costing us all, with the police protection etc – even the bloody riot police are there!

Anyway, that’s my rant done.  No other news to discuss, I haven’t bought anything recently as it’s 1 week till payday and as always i’m skint.  I am coveting some Bertie Shoes boots though, so might have to indulge on payday – their website is awesome at the moment, I loved their winter ad campaign anyway and there are lots of boots I want.

Toodles x

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