Monday, 24 October 2011

Bloggin 'ell!

Today is an exciting day in terms of my blog!

I have been accepted into the Handpicked Media Community fold and I am super excited!  Basically I applied to be a fully fledged member but as my blog is quite young I haven't got the relevant page views for it yet - I need 10,000 unique users before i'll be considered, so feel free to link this blog to anyone you think may be interested :).  In the meantime they have accepted me into their Community and this basically just helps with the exposure of making my blog more widespread.  With a bit of assistance from Handpicked my blog might be on the way up - I even have a little banner on the right hand side now! 

One of my friends has managed to wangle free tickets to the Britain and Irelands Next Top Model Showcase on Sunday at the Excel in London – There will be lots of fashion and lots of beauty, and I cannot wait to experience it all and will nail an awesome blog post about it.  Exciting times ahead, I sometimes feel like I lose inspiration and don’t have much to blog out but I have ideas coming out of my eyes at the moment, and my friends are so supportive and encouraging with it – they have some pretty awesome ideas too!

Anyway, enough of me gushing about how excited I am about my little old blog ;)

I entered a competition with Glossybox today on Facebook called Nail-Off!  You email them a picture of your best ‘glossy’ nails, and they upload it to their Facebook album.  The album goes live next week and at the end of the competition the photo with the most ‘likes’ will win the total Muppet OPI Nail collection!  Check it out here:

I love all of these colours, they are perfect for winter!  My favourites are "Getting Miss Piggy With It" - the sparkly red one third from left at the top, and the one next to it, called Rainbow Connection.  I'm sure you're all aware now of how much I love nail art and lovely nail colours, so it would make my day to win this competition.  I uploaded a picture of my self drawn leopard nails so with a bit of luck they'll get a few likes.  I'll be sure to post the link up to the photo when it's uploaded, so you can all like it too!

Read more details about the Glossybox Facebook OPI Competition here

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