Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Nail Rock

A few days ago I got sent a totally exciting email, showing me all the new Nail Rock designs they have coming out soon - I might be a bit late now as I think this is on the Nail Rock site but excuse me, I have been preoccupied!!! - I became an Auntie again for the second time yesterday!  <3

Anyway, I have used Nail Rock nail wraps before and although I can never seem to make my nails look perfect with them on, they ARE relatively easy to use and can make your nails look amazing quickly without having to bother going to the salon or sod around with tricky nail art.

First up, the new nail wraps they have got are UNREAL, some of their best designs yet. 

They have bought out a couple of special Valentines day editions, the gold with black hearts being a bit more subtle then the pink multi coloured heart, but both lovely in their own way :)

Spots and Stripes Mixed Pack

Tattoo Mixed Pack
Tribal Mixed Pack

Next, the mixed packs.  The spots and stripes and tribal gold are the ones I am in love with!  I do wish that the packs weren't mixed though, and you could get 1 pattern for all 10 nails but i'm not going to knock it at all.  I am not really a fan of the tattoo's pack, it's just not the sort of designs I would have on my nails, but the tribal gold is perfect for holidays and the spots and stripes mixed pack is what I have my eye on for the festivals this year.

Moving on, Nail Rock are now breaking into territory other than Nails, and bringing out their own line of Lip Transfers, called Lip Rock.  Taking a leaf out of Violent Lips' book, they know that these transfers have the potential to be HUGE, so have started off their range gradually, going for 'Holographic Bronze, Gold, Pink and Silver' - I am a fan of these lip transfers and as much as I like all the patterned ones (Violent Lips have a huge range of OTT patterened ones) I think I would only have the bottle to go out in one of the pretty much standard ones, at least until I got used to them.  I'l break myself in gently by going with the metallic pink.  I can't even imagine what these must feel like on your lips, I don't know why because I keep imagining they would be really heavy but of course if they are just transfers they would have the same weight and texture as temporary tattoos so shouldn't be that bad...

This now brings me on to my favourite part of the new collection, eye transfers. 

Nail Rock have briliantly produced some transfers that go over your eyes and give the appearance of ace eyeliner.  If you are anything like me once in a blue moon you pull of the perfect winged eyeliner, but can't do it that often - if that's the case then this is the perfect solution for you! 

Moving on from the bog standard eyeliner transfer, they have also bought out some amazing patterened eye transfers- there is floral, lace and blue stars and I LOVE THESE!  The lace ones would look amazing if you built it all up with an epic smokey eye and amalgamated it all together so the lace didn't look seperate to the eye make up.  The floral one is just SCREAMING to be worn at a festival this year so I am definitely going to stock up on them, bit of an alternative to the overdone floral headband!

NR have also bought out lots of crystals to wear around the eyes, again not sure if this is something I would wear but it's a great idea none the less.

When I first got this email it made me so excited - I think as well as pulling it out the bag with the fresh new nail wraps, they have also cottoned on to some of the big potential up and coming products in fashion and put their own stamp on them.  Well done Nail Rock, can't wait to try the new designs!!!

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