Monday, 13 February 2012

Nailene Fake Nails and Ultra Tabs* Review

Sometimes, just sometimes, I don't have time to paint my nails.  I know, shock horror - but i'm BUSY ok?

Anyway, I used to wear fake nails a lot as I used to bite my natural ones and have horrible horrible bleeding stumpy miniscule fingernails.  That was before I got horrifically ill in Egypt, causing me to become a reformed character and refuse to bite my nails anymore.  This lead to me opening myself up to the beautiful world of shit loads of nail varnish.

Anyway, I used to go to the bog standard nail shop and get one of the lovely chinese ladies there to put gel tips on.  Looked nice (if not a bit Essex) and lasted a while.  All was great until you took them off and saw the actual state of your nails underneath.  Another option were the temporary fake nails on sale in Boots etc that you put on yourself with glue.  All good for 1 night but anymore than that and they just wouldn't last, pinging off at really inappropriate moments (or if you are me into a glass of water claimed by the person who was interviewing me for a new job - not good).

So, as I said I now have long nails so don't ever really need to use fake nails, but I was curious.  I was sent a full set of the Nailene Studio Nails to try from the lovely Nic at Sparkle PR, along with a set of the Nailene Ultra Adhesive Tabs to stick them on with.

I have a bit of trouble painting my nails, I am not the cleanest person in the whole world so it's a bit of an ordeal for me.  I have to paint them and then clean all the nail varnish off from around my fingers etc, so these nails were welcome as I knew I could put them on and my hands would instantly look perfect.  I was sent a pack of nails that were already painted red, so all I had to do was apply them and they'd be ready.

I thought this would be a bit of a struggle, but I was super impressed.  There are 24 nails in the pack in a range of sizes so you can make sure you have ones that fit your fingers.  The red was a lovely colour, and I liked the shape of the nails, quite square and not massively long.  The tabs were the things that I thought were AMAZING though.  I wasn't sure if they were going to work very well but they were brilliant.  You literally peel them off a sheet and stick the sticky side onto your nail - then you pull off a clear bit of plastic on the top of the tab and then just push the nail down onto it once the tab is on your fingers... basically they are like little bits of double sided rubbery sticky tape.  They are super easy to apple and super sticky - the minute the nails were on they didn't budge at all and felt really secure, like they weren't going to fall off.  I had to file the nails down slightly as they were still a bit too long for me and I was finding it hard to type, but a small nail file was supplied in the kit which was another touch I really liked!

I took some nail glue to work with me the following day just in case, but those tabs are BRILLIANT.  I applied these nails on a Monday night, and I had to TAKE THEM OFF on Saturday and they were still showing no signs of falling off at all.  I did wonder if the tabs were going to ruin my nails as they are super sticky, but even taking them off was brilliant.  There are instructions on how to remove them properly but I kind of did it my own way, so probably did it wrong.  I just lifted the nail up with a cuticule stick and pinged it off (most of them were hard work as they were still 100% stuck).  Once the nail was off you just rub your fingernail from bottom to top and the tab kind of sticks to your finger and you can just pull it off!  Once I did that I just went over each nail with a bit of nail varnish remover on a cotton wool pad just to get rid of the stickiness, but it really wasn't that bad and there was literally no trace of the tabs on my nails at all.

I wasn't really fussed about fake nails before, but having experienced just how easy and quick they are to put on (the thing that used to put me off before was the messiness of the glue), how long they last and how perfect your nails look I would definitely consider using these again.  I was a bit wary of leaving these nails on too long as I was worried they would make my own nails fairly weak underneath, but again they were fine when I took them off.
If you are going to an event or know you need nice nails with minimum fuss and effort, then I totally suggest using these.  The mini nail file was a nice touch and I had lots of comments on my nails and people asking where I had got them done - they were shocked when I said i'd done them myself at home in about 10 minutes!  I'd definitely use these nails again, it's just so easy!

If you want to get some for yourself, head over to Nailene's website HERE or go to Boots and nab some for yourself.. oh, and get me another set while you're at it :)


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