Thursday, 16 February 2012

GOSH Cosmetics Click and Conceal*

One thing I do love is a good new concealer.  I normally rely on my trusty primer/foundation combination to cover up any imperfections but sometimes after a heavy weekend even a truckload of foundation can't cover the bags under my eyes.

I was sent a sample of the new Click and Concel concealer from GOSH.  I was sent a light, medium and dark and also the new Anti-redness concealer too.

I gave the light concealer to one of my work friends to try who is quite pale, and gave the dark concealer to one of my other friends who is constantly tanned so the colours were all appropriate for us.  I kept the medium and the anti-redness corrector for myself.

When I initailly tried the anti-redness corrector I had a bit of a mishap where I applied too much and ended up looking like shrek - the colour of it is a lovely mint green, so clearly has to be used very sparingly.  I found this worked quite well though, if you just use a little bit and rub it in and then put all of your make up over the top it did ensure my face was a lot more of a level colour, thus making my make up look better - ad I said before though, I use BB Cream from 17 and this does pretty much the same thing, so I wouldn't need to use both products. 

The concealer was very good.  When you initially put it on it's quite creamy and has a thick texture so it takes a bit of rubbing in, but it does a good job of covering my epic eyebags which is really saying something!

My eyebags before concealer

Bags concealed!!
I would definitely use the concealer again,  I like the fact it can easily be slipped into your make up bag for touch ups on nights out, and the clck function on the pen means it is very clean and tidy and doesn't create mess.

If you want to grab a Click and Conceal for yourself, either get down to Superdrug (it's only sold there, not available in Boots) or on Superdrug's website HERE.

NB:  Please note it goes without saying the photos have not been photoshopped.  I have filtered them to make them look better, but I didn't apply any touch up - what you see is genuinely what my bags looked like in real life, before and after!

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