Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Celebrity Punch-a-Thon

Another random blog post for you, sorry but i'm in one of those moods today.  The other day I was watching tv and my eyes happened to be visually RAPED by the annoying cocksockets that are Jedward appearing on my tv.  This got me thinking about all the people I hate in the world (and there are loads) and if there was 1 person in the world I could punch in the face, who it would be.  This is really hard for me, there are literally so many to chose from.  I can’t sit through an hour of tv without someone coming on the screen and me going “OH MY GOD I HATE THEM”.  I have managed to whittle it down to the following 20, but I am sure there are thousands more...

Celebrities i’d like to punch in the head

Anthea Fucking Turner
Urh god he is such a fat shit!  Arg from TOWIE
Carol McGiffin - Just look at the fucking state of it

Carol Vorderman - if that's not a face that needs a
punch then I do not know what is

Helen Flanagan - words cannot describe the HATE

Jackie Goody - there are so many reasons

This picture does all the talking for me...

Waaaaaaah I hate Jo Whiley!
What a total cock - Joey Barton

Standard - Justin Bieber
Urgh God - kerry Katona

Leann Rimes - look at her annoying face!

God this misog was always going to be in here wasn't she - Liz Jones

TWAT TWAT TWAT - Paul McCartney

Penelope Seabiscuit Cruz - worst voice ever

Ruth Langsford - oh just go away

Oh actually no Sarah Millican - worst voice ever

Dumb and Dumber, the whore twins from CBB

Last but not least, Vanessa Hudgens 
 just because

I found it really hard to pick 1 person who I want to injure more than anyone in that list above, but I did it.  We all know how much I totally hate Liz Jones, but I have ranted about her so much and will continue to do so, so I don’t really feel like I need to punch her (but if the offer was there I would clearly take it).  My Ultimate Celebrity I’d Like to Punch in the Head might well be.....  *drumroll* 


I don’t know why she is so hateful, she just is.  She struts around wearing practically nothing and basically wanks all over pumpkin patches while her desperado ancient husband just stands there like the cat that got the extremely young, gone off, rancid milk.  If there was one person in the world that was in dire need of a punch in the face, it has to be her!

Anyway, after sorting out my Most Hated Top 20, I managed to calm down enough to ask my Twitter followers who their most hated was, and these are the results:

@garethstrick – CJ Demooi from Eggheads right in the ovaries because he is so smug!
@mikestants – Carol Vorderman as she has a bad attitude and no one likes maths anyway
@Fitness_Warrior – Gary Neville, David from Corrie
@nikkithefish – Lee Evans
@wazdemus – Ed Sheeran because he is ginger
@Charlie_Donaghy – Natasha Giggs, Kate Moss, Jack Tweed, Twins from CBB
@JakeLunken212 – Greg Wallace
@JackDuignan_ Piers Morgan because he looks like a horrid c**t & belongs up a cows ars*hole.
@larryblack27 – Harry Hill
@richard11oyd – Carol the weather woman from BBC Breakfast, no reason.
@rikky_harris – Jeremy Kyle
@fee__ - Kay Burley
@wottington – Sarah Millican.  I’d want a run up as well.
@MissTartini – Lulu
@_gail__ - Jodie Marsh
@daryllayton – Jeff Stelling
@humpinpumpkin – Ant and Dec
@joeboyctp – Cliff Richard

And a few of my friends from Facebook:

Jody – Theresa May, or Chris Moyles
Gary – Natalie Cassidy as she has a head like a musk ox
Jodie S – Gino Di Campo as he is a vile pervert
Elton – Gary Glitter

But the rant of the day goes to my friend Jo who wrote the following:

@Dutchleopard – Sophie Ellis Bextor because her voice makes me cringe, she has a head like an alien, her paleness offends me, she wears ridiculous make up, her husband looks like a hobbit, her kids look like scrotal sacks and her jaw actually has corners, I need to stop now i’m getting angry.

If you haven’t already answered my question, who is your most hated person and why?  I LOVE reading everyones really angry responses to this question!  I'm going to go and flush my head down the toilet now though because getting all those pictures off the internet has given me epic rage!


  1. Can't believe Arian Chiles didn't get a mention. Mr Potato Head made flesh.

  2. Urgh, I don't mind Adrian Chiles but I cannot believe I forgot Christine FUCKING Bleakly! She is as BLEAK as her name and her 2 bit boyfriend!

  3. YES Lampard. And Redknapp. You can add about 20 football pundits to my list.

    Oh, it's about time someone gave Collymore a bop on the nose.

  4. CJ is an excellent shout by the way, very well played @garethstrick