Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Not so Glossybox...

I have an important announcement to make.  It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to leave Glossybox.  I received what is now going to be my final box this morning and although I was swaying between liking the service and not really liking it, this is the final nail in the coffin for me.

The Glossybox could have been an awesome idea.  If most girls are anything like me, the idea of getting a lovely presented box in the post every month with 5 surprise beauty items is enough to send you into a frenzy.  Beauty products are my ‘thing’, I can’t go into Boots without picking up a lipstick or a nail varnish.  Like some girls are addicted to shoes or handbags, my addiction is little colourful bottles of lotions or limited edition lipsticks.  Nothing gives me a wide on like a brand new eyeshadow pallete (apart from maybe Dave Grohl).

By the sounds of it, Glossybox would have been perfect for me right?  I thought so too.  I ordered my first box and eagely anticipated it’s arrival.  I should have known Glossybox and I weren’t going to be compatible when my first box turned up a whole 8 days later than everyone elses.  You are wondering how I know it was 8 days later right?  Well, EVERY Blogger in the universe had received theirs, blogged about it and used the products before mine had even arrived.  I decided not to complain though, and just keep on receiving them.

The products were good, I enjoyed trying some of them out but I have NEVER received a product in a Glossybox that I would buy full size.  The only thing that even came close was the HD Brows palette which I was majorly impressed with.  This gave me a false impression of the boxes though, as I received that in my first ever Glossybox and was super impressed with that addition to the items.  That’s £28 to buy in the shops, and they’d plonked one right in the middle of my little £12 package!  Ever since that box though I have never received anything as impressive again.  I thought i’d persevere though, mainly because I like the excitement of not knowing what I am going to get and getting to play around with all the items when I get home.  Bearing in mind when you join Glossybox you write a list of all your preferences, things you’d like to receive, things you wouldn’t.  If you have ever read my Hair Nightmare post (here, if you’re interested) then you’ll know that I can’t put any old product in my hair.  I ALWAYS receive hair oils or treatments in my Glossyboxes, even though I said I wouldn’t like to receive them!

I had a box or two more and one of the creams in one of these boxes had leaked all over the box.  I didn’t realise it was normal for everyone to kick off at Glossybox when this happens, I assumed it was down to the postman being a bit heavy handed with the package.  Even so, that was one product I couldn’t use, but I just got over it because (as always) it was a product I wasn’t bothered about anyway...

So yesterday I received my latest Glossybox, LATE again... well, imagine my delight when I opened the box to find I only had 4 items L  I looked at the contents leaflet and 5 items were listed and the one item I was missing was the one I was looking forward to most (BM Beauty eyeshadow).  I’ve pretty much had enough of Glossybox so decided to email them and tell them everything that has happened to me.  They took a day to respond, and when they did respond they said they’d send me the BM Beauty eyeshadow, and they were sorry about all the other things that had happened since I signed up to them.  That was it.  No attempt to let me know how they are going to try and stop stuff like this from happening, nothing.  Just a sorry and end of.

So, it is after all this I have decided to cancel Glossybox.  They aren’t particularly helpful with anything when you have to contact them, their website is the slowest thing in the history of the world, the boxes aren’t packaged properly so you sometimes have breakages or leaks with the products, the products aren’t particularly great and now they even forget to put some of them in.  If you are fine with a relatively good service 80% of the time and you like the products in the previous boxes then get involved, but it’s just totally not worth the hassle for me.  I know the minute I cancel my subscription though they are going to send out a really amazing box and i’ll be gutted.  I’ll just console myself with the knowledge that even if I continued to receive them they’d probably do something stupid to my box or leave most of the items out.

It’s a shame Glossybox, you could have been so good...

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  1. Charlotte Allen15 March 2012 at 13:20

    hi Nikki, Zoe reps BM beauty and will send you a BM Beauty eyeshadow seeing as you didnt get it in your glossybox, let us know what colour you prefer...?