Monday, 6 February 2012

Morsh's First Massage

The other day I was pondering on Twitter about whether I should go for a back massage.  I am a very clicky, tense person and I find it hard to relax my body - most of the time without even realising it I am all hunched shoulders and clenched jaw (sound FIT don't I?)  Anyway, I get bad back pain sometimes and I also get really bad pains when I drive where all the muscles in my back totally seize up and it's like I click my hips out of joint.  I sit forward in my seat in the car and it feels fine until I get out, but when I do step out of my car sometimes I am in AGONY and I can't even walk.  I have to force myself to take a step and then after a few seconds of agonising acrobatics my back will make a really loud crunching sound and then it'll be fine and I can walk again.  It doesn't hurt afterwards, the minute my back cracks the pain is gone but while I am waiting for it to crack it is really painful.

Anyway, I used my Twitter as a vent for all this and the lovely Leily of The Tanning Shop in Waltham Cross invited me into the shop for a massage.  I know they are super relaxing and convieniently enough I had a half day booked off work that coming Friday, so I decided to take her up on her offer and go in for one.

I was a bit unprepared for what it would be like, but was pleasantly surprised.  When I walked into the room it was lovely and warm and there was some nice chillout music playing.  The room smelt nice and was lit with candles to create a bit of AMBIENCE (Micky Flanagan style).  Jo, the lovely massause asked me to undress from the waist up and lay face down on the bed, THEN for the next half hour she pressed, clicked, rubbed and poked my back - I didn't think it would be painful (don't get me wrong, it wasn't PROPERLY painful at all but there were a few moments where I was thinking "eeek" as she popped a part of my back), most of all it was a nice pain, where it's 100% bareable and you know it's doing you a world of good.  I also found it quite relaxing (I must have as even though she was popping all the different tense parts of my back, I still managed to nearly fall asleep!!!).  At the end Jo told me that later that night I might feel a teensy bit bruised, but the next day I should feel better....

Probably asleep!

Understatement of the century!  The minute I got up off the bed I felt instantly better.  I felt genuinely relaxed and COMFORTABLE for the first time in ages.  Normally all I have to do is lay in 1 position for longer than 10 mins and I get an achy back anyway, it doesn't take much, but the difference it made was really good!  I was going out that night and I was prepared to feel a little bit battered but I didn't at all.  Another plus to having this done was when I got home that night, I had one of the best nights sleep I had had in a while - I slept like a baby!  I think I can put it down to just being made to feel more loose and like all my muscles were more relaxed, probably making me more comfortable laying in bed.

I thouroughly encourage any of you that might have minor back pains or aches to go and have a massage.  I honestly thought it would just be nice and relaxing but not really *do* much, but it was a great way to relieve yourself of any symptoms you might have (even if it's just for a while).  It did really help me a lot, it's just nice to not feel so tense and it even makes you feel a bit more chilled out and relaxed, a bit like you've been on holiday :)

The Tanning Shop are on Twitter, the one I go to is Waltham Cross.  If you want to contact Leily and the team and book your own little slice of relaxation, then contact them @thetanningshop or call them on 01992 653 235.

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