Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Victoria Beckham for Numero

Hot mama! Victoria Beckham looks sensational in white corset underwear by Rochas on the March edition of Numero magazine, Japanese edition

Swit swoo!

Just a quick post, but I cannot believe how beautiful Vicky B looks in the promo shots for this magazine!  I am used to her look very ‘severe’ – all angular bob and harsh cheekbones.  I have always thought she would look better with a bit more weight on her (along with the rest of the world AND her husband David) because it makes her look older than she is.  VB is hardly a spring chicken, but she’s in no way OLD... I just feel like she could easily look more youthful with a bit of a plumper face. 

I have looked online this morning and everyone is kicking off about these pictures, but I think she looks AH-MAZING.  I know she is still STUPIDLY skinny, but she just doesn’t look as gaunt and ill as she does normally.  I love her new hair, the longer length covers up her protruding neck bones (slightly) and the choppier, layered style is a lot more relaxed than usual.  This instantly makes her look better, but the best part is the FRINGE!  Even though you can only see her face from the side it softens up her features so much, and is a lovely change from her normal poker straight 100% perfect styles.  Smokey eye works perfectly with the ‘do and I even love the nail varnish contrast between her hands and the Rochas corset she is wearing.

This is honestly one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen of VB and I can’t wait to see the rest!  She’s only really just had Harper so it’s a bit worrying that she’s lost all the baby weight this quickly – I suspect the reason I like this picture so much is also because you can’t see as easily just how scarily thin she is...  Keep it up Vicks, you look stunning!

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