Friday, 27 January 2012

It's Friday, Friday, Friiiiiiiiiday


Hope everyone is doing well, I haven’t had a minute to even THINK this week!  Have spent the majority of the week contacting PR’s trying to further my blog (somehow) and it’s actually worked well.  Lots of them have replied and I will be working with them in the future, they all seem really nice... it was due to this that I split my blog into two parts, taking the beauty side of things to a totally different blog.  I was wary that the beauty was being lost in the midst of all my rants and random posts, but then I didn’t want to stop doing either.  I am really pleased with how my blog is progressing, what it looks like etc – now I just need things to write about haha!

Looking forward to this weekend, I have a jam packed one so glad i’ve been paid!  I have a half day at work today and I am going for a massage this afternoon!  I’m actually really excited because I have never had a proper official massage – is that weird?  I feel really tense all the time and I am a very stiff, clicky person so hopefully this massage will relax and loosen me up a bit!  I’ll be blogging it so stay tuned for that!  After my massage I have to drive home at the speed of light and get ready, because tonight is the next Rejam Music event – I have previously blogged about these before so this is another topic i’ll be posting at some point next week.  I love these events, they are always so great – the people, the music, the venue – it’s always spot on.

Tomorrow I am going shopping with some of the girls as February is my nightmare month (my mum’s, dad’s and brother in laws’ birthdays are all in Feb BEFORE payday, and now my nephew will be born at some point next week therefore making his birthday in Feb too – gah!) so I have to go and buy lots of presents and baby clothes (which I am excited about haha).  Tomorrow night I have a friends birthday in a local bar and I will probably end up being totally Essex and going to Faces or Nu Bar afterwards... Swiftly followed by lunch in a lovely Thai restaurant with the girls on Sunday, and then a bit of a Sunday session at Nu Bar – I am going to hate myself on Monday morning!

Anyway, hope you all have lovely exciting weekends planned, I have finally paid off Vegas and still have a decent amount of my wages left so you’ll have to excuse the pictures I blog next week as I don’t plan on being the most sober person in the world at any of these events...

Have a good one lovelies xx

P.S Check out my new blog post on Morsh’s Beauty Corner, with my top 5 picks of the week HURR

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