Friday, 6 January 2012

Polish Me Up

Once again I went out on lunch and although I don't have a pot to piss in, decided that I was going to buy myself some nail varnish. 

I have seen some awesome nail art banging around recently, so I am going to attempt a certain design I have seen tonight.  I have watched a few online tutorials and it seems SO EASY, so I am going to have confidence in myself and give it a whirl.  I'm not going to disclose what the design is at this moment in time, i'll wait and see if I pull it off first because if I royally f*ck it up then i'll just look like a twat.

Anyway, so I went out on lunch and bought a bottle of white nail varnish (I need this for the base for the nail art).  Nothing exciting, just bog standard No 17 white lasting finish nail varnish.

While I was in the shop I walked past the Barry M counter.  I always have a look at their polishes as they have awesome colours, but I am not really a fan of the texture and coverage of Barry M - just me?  I find the polish chips so badly on me and it's just not even worth me wasting my time painting them.  The lights and the bright colours and the glitter all went to my head though, because at the moment Barry M have a Limited Edition polish out called Limited Edition Effects in Silver Glitter.  As you can probably tell, the polish is just silver glitter, but there was something about it that made me want to buy it.  I can't resist a bit of sparkle (as much as that makes me sound like Liza Minelli).  I hot footed it back to the office and because I am impatient and childlike, I whacked it over the top of the nail varnish I already had on.

God please excuse the state of my fingers, no prep!
Bear in mind the pictures were hastily taken at my desk, as was the painting of the polish, so you'll have to forgive me for the shoddy visuals.  The polish I have on this hand is just 1 coat, so I am pretty impressed with it.  I have a thing about wearing coloured nail polish whenever I want, regardless of the time of year.  It's Christmas?  I'll wear coral polish then.  Christmas is over?  Time for me to bust out the glitter!  Hence why it's the 3rd Jan, everyone is suicidal yet I am trying to cheer my boss up by painting my nails like disco balls and waving them around in front of him as I speak.

Anyway, at £3.99 for the bottle it's good value, especially as it's Limited Edition.  I don't really understand the 'Effects' part of the name as it's not as effect it's just... glitter.  Anyway, go buy it, but only if you don't already have a silver glitter polish.  If you do and you buy it anyway, you are a fool like me.

P.S Erm why is it I am the only person in the world that still cannot track down any of the OPI Muppets collection?  I really want the Kermit green glitter and the Miss Piggy red one - I didn't realise that all of the glitter polishes in this collection were similar to Rainbow Connection, in that all the glitter is slightly different sizes and not just all tiny equal size pieces.  That's made me want it even more, so obviously that means as long as I think about it it won't be for sale anywhere.  FML.

If you know of anywhere in London that sells OPI Muppets and hasn't sold out, hit me up biznitches!

P.S Hi Toby :)


  1. What a load of shit this is! no one cares what you have got to say!!!!

  2. aww that is not nice.
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