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Tweeter of the Week: @Edsbrother

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I am going to do a new weekly feature on my blog.  As you are probably aware, I align my blog closely with my Twitter and more often than not the two spill over into each other.  I love using Twitter and I have decided to do a section called "Tweeter of the Week" where I pick the one person I have enjoyed talking to the most, and do a small Twitter Interview with them.  I have lots of favourite tweeters, but they can vary week from week as I don't talk to EVERYONE all the time. 

@Edsbrother has won this week.  He was the person I was competing against in my 'twitter competition' post, and unfortunately although I beat him to 1,0000 followers first, I still want him to get there.  He is funny, friendly and informative, and does awesome card tricks that he videos and puts on Twitter for everyones enjoyment :)  If you don't follow him you really should, and he wants 1,000 followers by Christmas so get involved!

See @edsbrother interview here, and click his name if you want to follow him.  It'll be one of the best things you ever did...

Morsh:  Congratulations on being my first Tweeter of the Week @edsbrother!  First up, I want to hear your acceptance speech for this much sought after award...
EB:  It means a lot to me to be crowned Tweeter of the Week.  I'd like to thank myself for coming up with the things I write.  I also feel it's appropriate to mention that I usually tweet when fully clothed.  Thank you...

Morsh:  Usually?  Erm Ed?  What instances are you NOT fully clothed when Tweeting?
EB:  Great question.  Some instances of me tweeting when i'm not fully clothed include being in the shower, having a toilet, swimming, mountaineering... Of course, the most common is when I am getting changed.

Morsh:  Okaayy.... next, tell us the meaning/reason behind your twitter name - @edsbrother
EB:  My Twitter name:  I have a brother and his name in real life is Edward.  Just like Edward Cullen from the popular Twilight series of films.  I have had many Twitter names in the past, but this is my favourite.  I think a good Twitter name is important.

Morsh:  I love Edward Cullen, I wish you were really his brother, that would make it a lot easier for me to snare him...  Anyway, what other Twitter names have you had, and why didn't you like them?
EB:  Um, i've had @tomtownend because it's my actual name.  I've been called @hungoid after a trip to London where I couldn't stop eating and some of my friends started calling me Hungoid the Mongoloid.  I thought it was quite unfair, London is a big city and I worked up quite an appetite from all the commuting.  I can't think of any others, I think there was one more but I imagine it was so shit my brain forgot it.

Morsh:  Ok Hungoid, I know you want to get to 1000 followers but the big question IS - what will happen when you do?  Will the entire world end?
EB:  If I get to 1000 followers the world will stop spinning.  Everyone will black out and when they come back round they'll have no trousers on.  That is EXACTLY what will happen.  I will be overwhelmed that my Tweets could possibly entertain so many people, feel incredibly privileged, then probably tell everyone that I ever meet for the rest of my life I have 1000 Twitter followers.

Morsh:  What made you join Twitter, and when?
EB:  I joined Twitter in July(?) 2009.  I don't remember why I joined at first.  I think it was more curiosity than anything else.  I had no idea what I was doing and barely used it for almost a year after joining.  I became addicted to Twitter in 2010.  I love Twitter, I could probably write an essay on why I love it so much, and another essay on why you should NEVER join.

Morsh:  Agreed, I think everyone initially joins Twitter to check out the celebrities, and then quickly realises that they'll still get ignored by (most) of them.  What celebrities do you follow now, and why?
EB:  The only celebrity I follow on Twitter is Philip Schofield.  He's a cool guy, but I don't really understand why I follow him.  The fact that he follows me might have something to do with it.  Some of my other Twitter celebrity followers include Snoop Dogg and Jamie Oliver.  Thanks.

Morsh:  Namedropper.  When anyone first joins Twitter it's lame and there is no one to talk to.  When did it change into something entertaining for you?
EB:  This is a great question.  When I joined Twitter I, rather shamefully, followed scores of celebrities.  I think that's what everyone does.  I think it takes time to fully understand what it's about and to 'get' Twitter.  Again, I think it changed into exciting when I found people that I had a lot of things in common with.  Most of what I say on Twitter is insane and completely random.  Most of what I say on Twitter wouldn't be understood by someone in the real world.  Most of what I say on Twitter is funny, because that's what I like to use it for.  I like people to be themselves on Twitter, and to not try to be funny or try to be something that you clearly aren't.  Nothing makes me flaccid faster.  Next question.

Morsh:  I bet I can find ONE thing that makes you flaccid faster... um... David Cameron in a crotchless onsie tossing off Jedward?
EB:  That is one of the most sensual images I have ever imagined.  Please excuse me, this interview is over *removes microphone* *waddles to toilet*

Morsh:  Wait, wait!!!  Just a few more and then you can wank yourself to death, give the people what they want!  I mentioned above you are into card tricks - When did you learn them?  Is it a hobby or a possible profession?  Are you available for kids parties?
EB:  I picked up card magic at University.  I'd always enjoyed watching it and one day suddenly I decided that I wanted to devote time to learning sleight of hand.  It's been about 3 years now.  At first I was obsessed, I took cards everywhere with me, showing tricks to anyone that cared to watch them.  Nowadays I really don't have half as much interest in it as I used to.  I still like to show my effects to people, but now I really wait for them to ask (apart from the recent videos I posted on Twitter that no one asked for!)  It is definitely a hobby, in no way do I want to make it a profession.  I have only ever performed at one event.  It was a black tie do and I set a table on fire by accident - that was the end of my career. 

Morsh:  That's a shame, but for the safety of the General Public, it's probably for the best.  Back to Twitter now, who were the first people you spoke to on there?  Are you still loyal to them now or did you drop them like a hot poo when you found others?
EB:  I can't remember them all, but a couple of the first people I first spoke to were @notfakeben and @robbingham.  Two great Tweeters that I still speak to regularly.  I'm sure there are others but they're the two that stand out.

Morsh:  Have you ever attended a Tweet up?  If not, would you?
EB:  I would love to attend a TweetUp, I think they're wonderful.  As I said before, I have a lot in common with the people that I follow and the people that follow me.  Meeting them in real life would be great fun.  The only real Tweeter I have ever met (apart from my brother) is @teenybella.  She was utterly charming and lovely, so i'd be a fool not to want to meet the rest.  Shame is they're mostly in London - If anyone wants to come up to Newcastle there are a few of us here that would love to meet you.  Few rules though - In Newcastle you can only wear a belt to go out in (man or woman) and you can only get so drunk that you piss yourself.  Thanks, look foward to meeting you i'll be the one who's pissed his belt in the corner.

Morsh:  Sounds similar to Essex, I think we'll get along great in real life!  What's your favourite thing about Twitter?
EB:  There are lots of things I could say to answer this question.  I love the people I follow, I love the people I don't.  I love that it's the fastest source for breaking news.  I love that it's the best search engine on the Internet.  I love that it's only 140 characters.  The list goes on and on.  I'd like to add one thing that I absolutely hate about Twitter.  Twitter has 'cliques', people that only speak to the people they follow, despite having hundreds or thousands of followers that they never bother with.  I might not follow many people, but I always try to answer any of the tweets that I get from people that follow me.  That's enough.

Morsh:  I totally agree with your 1 Twitter hate, if people are taking the time to follow you then you can at least have the decency to answer them when they talk to you, and I hate it when people don't!  Finally, doesn't the 140 character thing piss you off?
EB:  I love the 140 characters you get.  I think it forces you to think relatively carefully about how you word your tweets to be sure that they fit in.  Honestly, if someone posts a tweet using Twitlonger, I never read them.  Thankfully no-one I follow has ever done that.  Any longer than 140 characters and you aren't doing Twitter properly.  If you really need more than 140 characters write a blog.  Or a book.

Final word from @edsbrother:  "I realise I haven't been very funny in this interview!  Sorry about that, just wanted to give my honest opinion.  By the way, did you get that 'Black Pummeller 2000' I sent you in the post?   It says you'll need to slather on lube lke wallpaper paste the first time you use it.  Wait, who is this?  Mum?  Oh."

Thanks to @edsbrother for this highly entertaining interview.  Please give him a follow, as it's Friday and he's funny and all that.  I mean, look at this picture:

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