Monday, 12 December 2011

Paul: Hero of the Day

Now, you all know I love a good random dog picture, and I thought considering it was Monday i'd post this to cheer you all up.

One of my Twitter followers has his profile picture of a pug and it's adorable - When I expressed my sheer delight at the picture, 'Gary' advised me to check out his Twitpic page to see more random dog pictures.  I had no idea I was about to find PURE GOLD.

Paul drowning his sorrows after
getting stood up by 'Steve'

Pirate Paul

Paul in his winter coat

Paul preparing to become a mother

Princess Paul

Paul is getting married

Paul loves Easter

Paul just wants to go back to Kansas

Florence NightingPaul


Paul loves the Seesaw

Paul wants to be in the Hells Angels

Paul Chapman, wife to Dog the Bounty Hunter

Paul before work this morning

I'm pretty sure these aren't all the same dog (aka Paul) but I don't care, I love these pictures anyway!  If you want to make me happy, just send me a picture of a dog dressed up as something funny - i'll be smiling for days.

If you want to follow the person responsible for this hilarity then his twitter name is @helloimgary and if you want to see where I stole the pictures/captions from, the full Twitpic site is here.

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