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Tweeter of the Week: @charlie_donaghy

Morning everyone! 

Welcome to my second 'Tweeter of the Week' post.  This week the lucky recipient of this much sought after accolade is none other than @charlie_donaghy.  She is one of my real life best friends, but don't worry this isn't fixed.  The person I choose to be my Tweeter of the Week is based purely on Twitter, and whether their tweets have made me laugh, made me think or I have just enjoyed following them.  You can find out more about Charlie below, and if you want to follow her just click HERE.

Hi @charlie_donaghy, congratulations on being my second Tweeter of the week!  First up, let me hear your acceptance speech for this much sought after award ;)
I’d like to thank the Academy… No, seriously, thank you Morshy for choosing me to be your second Tweeter of the week, not sure why I wasn’t first but I’ll let you off.

Remember the rhyme "1st the worst, 2nd the best, 3rd the one with the hairy chest" - that's why you weren't first.  I wonder who will be my third... Anyway, what made you join Twitter, and when?
Someone hairy???  I joined some time last year, mainly because I'd constantly read about celebrities tweeting in magazines etc and you (one of my best friends) were already on it so I wanted to see what the fuss was about.  I slowly became addicted and now it has taken over my life.  Somebody also told me that Olly Murs regularly tweeted his location and that made me join as well #stalker

I'll have to start calling you Avid Merrion :)  I know your Twitter name is your actual name - why did you go with this initially, and would you consider changing it?
I love Leigh Francis, what a legend - I'm honoured!  I didn't know much about Twitter at first so I just used my real name as that is what people do on Facebook etc.  To be honest I would now like to change it, purely because Twitter is public and easy for people to find me who I might not necessarily want looking at my page.  I'm thinking of changing it to @rightoldcharlie so watch this space.  I think it suits me.

I like @rightoldcharlie - Do it!  Who did you first follow on Twitter, and why?
It was Morsh:  Queen of Twitter, Olly Murs and some of my other best friends who already had accounts.  I now follow close to 500 people.

I can't follow lots of people because I find my timeline too overwhelming - do you sometimes find that?
Sometimes yes.  The thing that grates me the most is the amount of RTs.  Don't get me wrong, I can RT a lot but there have been times where my timeline has been completely full of people's tweets that I don't follow.  I need to have a clear out anyway I think, there are probably a lot of celebrities I can unfollow.

What do you like about Twitter?
It is FULL of banter.  Some people's tweets really make me laugh, for example if you are watching tv you can read everyone's thoughts on program as they tweet about it.  Also my friends and I have completely random banter on there, I mainly use it for that to be honest, rather than talking to celebrities.  I also love the fact it's super quick at finding out the latest news.  I have found so many things out via Twitter than on the actual news itself.  I found out about Amy Winehouse and Gary Speed's deaths on Twitter.

What celebrities do you follow on Twitter, and why?
I do follow celebrities, I would say half of the 500 i'm following are celebrities and the others are probably friends, people I know and local bars/clubs.  I follow SOME people I don't know in real life, but only really if they tweet me first and make me laugh or are a friend of a friend or are good looking - yes I have actually followed someone back because I thought they were fit :/

Do you have any Twitter goals?  (i.e. a celebrity follower, or a certain number of followers?)
It would be amazing if a celebrity I liked followed me back, but I don't really use Twitter to contact celebrities.  Don't get me wrong, I have tweeted a few in my time but they never reply and talk a lot of rubbish anyway.  I would rather have more followers, I have about 475 which is quite good.  I would love to get to 500 by Xmas!  I recently had a surge of followers from all over Europe, and this ended with me and my friends bantering about it - apparantly I work for Passport Control.

Come on everyone, get her to 500 by Xmas!  Ok, if you had to place an advert about yourself on Twitter, what would it say?  Remember, only 140 characters please :)
God the 140 characters thing does my head in.  I always have too much to say in life in general, and keeping it to 140 characters on Twitter is hard, even though I abbreviate words all the time!  My current bio is "Always Unique Never Ordinary" as I had that saying on a t shirt a while back.  I think that describes me perfectly.  I don't like it when people rave on about themselves so my advert would be something like - "bubbly, loud, cold as ice but caring to the people I love - I say what I think so if you don't like it TOUGH.  Love to abbrev, follow me for pure bants" - Oops, that's 152 characters, you'll let me get away with that won't you?  I did say I always have too much to say!

What do you tweet about, and what do you like using Twitter for?
I tweet about everything, whether it be what I’m doing at the time, where I am etc, my thoughts that day, how I’m feeling, about what I’m watching on TV etc. I also tweet completely random things with my friends - we basically have our own language, not a lot of people will know what we’re talking about #mawi

There are a lot of beauty and fashion companies that use Twitter, do you follow any of them for promotional purposes/reading blogs etc? 
I have a huge desire for Fashion, it’s one of the most important things in my life. I have my own style. Topshop is my favourite store and I do follow lots of my favourite brands on Twitter, Topshop, Amercian Apparel, Urban Outfitters etc and also online stores like ASOS and Celeb Boutique. I also follow my favourite local boutiques and they follow me back. It’s nice to be able to see on Twitter when they have new stock in and I can get down there as soon as I can and purchase some things.  

Have you ever met anyone from Twitter that you don’t know in real life, and if not would you meet them (i.e. would you attend a tweet up?
Yes, I have been recognised from friends of friends from Twitter a couple of times when I’ve been out. I must have one of those faces.  I probably wouldn’t attend a tweet up though, that would be slightly weird.  I used to have a thing about random people tweeting me at first, I didn’t like it mainly because I didn’t know who they were.  Now I don’t mind it but I think meeting up with a group of people I don’t really know could be a bit strange!  In real life I am fine at talking to new people, I’m not shy, but I think meeting people I only know from online might freak me out a bit. I am a lot better at talking to people on there now, it just took a bit of getting used to. 

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